A father to be emulated

I sold the Miller Aircrafter 330ST AC/DC Tig welder yesterday. Two
guys showed up, and older man and a younger one. Everything went well
ans in the end I asked if they were related. Turns out that they were
father and son and this welder was a present from the father, to the
son. I was very touched. How nice.
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I was at a grocery store and I saw and old woman, and older woman. The younger woman helped carry things to the checkout line, and she carried the bags away too.
I asked if they were related and I found that they were mother and daugher. It was so nice of the younger one to help with the heavier items.
I was really touched by this.
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Cydrome Leader
Our family goes together to buy each other one nice present for Christmas. My son and I tag team it, I'm asking for a plasma cutter, he's getting a CNC press brake. Julie ends up getting something totally useless like a pair of diamond earrings.
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