PLEASE!!! help with older Airco arc welder

Hi all,

I recently was given an old (1980's??) Airco "EasyARC" A/C arc welder. I haven't done any welding in about 10 years, so I'm excited to get this baby running.

The welder didn't come with any leads, so I'm not sure where to get them, or what kind to get. The spots to plug the leads in look like

3/8" holes with small cones protecting the surface... there are 3, one for the ground and two for the electrode, depending on the desired output Amperage.

I'm also in need of an electrode holder, electrodes, ground clamp... basically everything to get this machine running except for the machine itself.

Any suggestions (aside from tossing this FREE machine) are most appreciated.



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If money is no object, go to any welding supply store (check the yellow pages), where they can fit you with the necessary cables and clamps. They do that on a regular basis and generally have everything in stock. I guess it depends on the store's policy. The only negative is you'll be paying top dollar for everything you buy, unlike finding it used.

Assuming you know what you need, you might have good fortune to find it on ebay. Aside from dealing with one particularly crooked business, I've had quite good fortune there, buying a lot of things at a bargain price. It does present greater risk than buying at the local store.


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Harold & Susan Vordos

If you don't want to go to a welding supply store, both Tractor Supply and Northern Tool & Equipment carry a pretty good assortment of supplies. Seems like Northern was selling out some of it a while back though so I'd try Tractor Supply first if you have one in the area.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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Keith Marshall

I have a similar one I got for $5 a while back. Nice machine, plenty of copper, smooth (for an AC machine) arc.

The plugs are standard items at a welding shop, $8 each. You need some #2 cable, length is up to you but a nice setup is 20' ground cable, 30' stinger cable. Price for the cable will knock you over, I haven't priced it recently but be prepared for something in $1.50 a foot range (or more). (Gloat: I got 200' spool on a Home Depot closeout for $.24/ft!) Stinger runs about $10 to $15, ground clamp runs $5 to $10 (or just use a big lug and a vice grip or 'C' clamp) Don't forget a welding helment.

Get yourself a 10# package of 1/8" 6013 to start, nice welds, nice slag.

1/8" 6011 rod is good for rusty work and repairs, a couple pounds of 3/32" 6013 for small work is also nice.

Have at it!

Danno wrote:

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Ill make a wager and say that your AirCo was made by Miller, and any welding shop should have the proper Miller connectors.

Now if you have a lathe, you can easily make them. I had a AirCo 250 "Bumblebee" welder pass through my hands last week, that is the same machine as my Miller Dialarc 250, but with a yellow/white coat of paint.

As for leads and stinger (rod holder), check your phone book for Welding Machine Repair companys. A company that repairs welding machines. Bring a dozen donuts and a smile and they will often let you rummage around in their bone yards, and most carcasses will have a set of leads and clamps. Ebay is another good source. Of course, simply buying new is an option.

The connectors themselves are easy enough to make if you have a lathe that can turn a taper.

Depending on where you live, I might be able to help you out. I have "secret sources"

Gunner, who sold that AirCo Saturday to buy a Miller 250 HF with torch, pedal and cooler...and Reliable Tool didnt hold it for me as I had asked and sold it yesterday, #%&!**@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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