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Well, I just wrote Amazon.Com to inform them that the second attempt at
delivery had also failed. I'll post the letter to them at the bottom,
but I'd like recommendations on another welder, perhaps Miller, that
will be comparable to the Hobart Stickmate LX 235/160 AC/DC welder.
I'll be willing (? able) to pay some difference, but don't wish to go
very much above what I've already paid Amazon.Com for the Stickmate.
That was $354.99 delivered price. Funds are a bit limited and I'll only
be using it as a hobbyist so I can't justify a "Big 40" or similar. ;-)
Thanks for any suggestions.
letter to Amazon follows:
I did NOT see the SECOND welder that was shipped to me 2nd Day AIR and
should have arrived today. However, it got "refused" for me by the
driver who picked up the other package yesterday. He said, according to
a lady from UPS, that the box on the latest one was damaged worse than
the box on the previous one. Therefore, he could pretty well predict
that the welder was in worse condition.
1) He told me yesterday that the label was on upside down and they tend
to ride with the label right side up so the first welder may have ridden
the entire trip upside down. The bottom had a piece of 3/8" plywood for
a base. It would be much more unstable upside down!
2) Hobart does not protect those welder very well, in my opinion, to be
shipping them UPS ground across the country. They should, at the very
least, be double boxed. Preferably they should be double boxed with
some styrofoam or other filler inside the inner box to prevent movement
and collapse. They make an expandable foam that is contained within a
plastic bag so it doesn't get "peanuts" or other particles all over what
is being shipped.
3) MOST IMPORTANT -- TO ME -- FOR RIGHT NOW. Do you carry another
brand of welder that is comparable to the one I ordered. It does not
have to be the exact same price. If you have access to Miller welders
please let me know the price of something similar to the Hobart
Stickmate LX and I'll decide if I'd like to pay the difference (yes, it
will likely be a bit more) or if I'd like you to try the THIRD time on a
delivery of the Stickmate LX.
I was told by a UPS representative one time that merchandise has to be
packed so it can travel on either side as they sometimes roll and
sometimes roll OFF THE CONVEYOR. However, I feel at least part of the
blame must go back to the Hobart packaging methods.
Thank you sincerely.
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Al Patrick
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If you have a Tractor Supply store near you they sell the AC/DC Stickmate. The price they show on the Web is $369.99 but it's based on ZIP code so may be different for you.
Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com
"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"
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Keith Marshall
I picked up a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC last year for $400 at a local welding shop. Looks exactly the same as the stickmate except for the color. Depending on how badly the box was beat up, I would have at least tested the stickmate. These welders do not have much to break internally.
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Nate Weber
I expect it was all right mechanically and electrically, but I paid for a new welder not a beat up one. I told the UPS driver that I was tempted to tell them I'd keep it for a $150 or so discount, but then they might think I beat it up myself so I could "jew them down" so I didn't even offer. Yes, I'm sure the "jew" expression is not politically correct now, but I've heard it all my life and occasionally use it. Sorry if anyone was offended.
Nate Weber wrote:
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Al Patrick
Thanks for the tip.
Never heard of the place but did a search on the net and found two stores within about 50 miles / opposite directions. Rocky Mount, NC and South Boston, VA (not sure that distance, but plenty driveable).
That's within $15 of what I paid Amazon.Com, with their $25 discount, but I'm already involved with Amazon. I think there are several Miller dealers in roughly that driving distance. Actually, one welding supply store is only about 15 miles away and has a Miller sign on the door, but I have yet to see any units sitting around for delivery!
I think I'll wait and see what Amazon has to say. I don't think they carry Miller, but I did let them know I was considering changing brands just because I felt it was partly Hobart's fault for the flimsy packaging. :-)
Keith Marshall wrote:
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Al Patrick
Instead of typing 27 words to justify a slur, you could have re-phrased it and saved yourself from looking like a stupid bigot.
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Stuart Wheaton
In my opinion, stick welders (because they are so heavy) are better shipped by truck (ie. strapped to a pallet) or should be purchased locally. In my area, Harbor Freight and Blain's Farm and Fleet sell them for around $350-$370. As another person pointed out, Tractor Supply also sells them. Look for "farm" type stores in rural areas near your location. You can also pick up a Miller Thunderbolt (same as the Hobart but painted blue and a little bit more expensive) from your local welding supplier.
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The Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welder, IMHO, is about as good as it gets in a garage buzz box. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I needed a versatile welder that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I used to have one, and used it for DC TIG, scratch start on stainless. It was a good stick welder, too, and the stick welding capabilities were within my parameters. The infinite adjustment was great. set.
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Well Stuart: IMO you could have just wrote nothing and then all would be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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onsite welding
Al Way don't you have them give you a discount on the scratch and dent model and long as it is all facial damage. As long as you have a full warranty and nothing else is wrong see if you can get a discount. They will have a scratch and dent sale later anyway for all the stuff damaged in shipping that they had to bit..
Just my thought on what I may do if it was mine.
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Don D
I would be willing to do that and said so to the driver. I told him that I was tempted to tell them that but then they *could* say that I dented it myself to save money. He left it on the front porch by the door and I got there about 30 minutes to an hour later and checked it out. I had left a note for him to take it to the local UPS pickup point as we were expecting 6" to 12" of snow (we got NONE!) and I thought I might get snowed in a few miles out of town. The snow didn't come and I called the UPS pickup location to ask if UPS had been. They said yes he had. I then asked if he had left the welder and they said he told them it didn't require a signature so he left it at the house. "It was sooooo heavy." I can understand that (? 104#). If I had brought it to the door without first knocking on the door and/or reading the note I may have left it also. It is pretty rough to lug around without a hand truck -- and with a bad back. Not that he has a bad back, but I do. I managed to slide it in the house and examine it on the living room carpet.
D> Al
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Al Patrick
Al They can see that they have a problem, The UPS person refused the second load. that can say that the first could and was dented...... Most companies are willing to take less if there load was damaged because now they are going to have to sit on the dented load till they have a scratch and dent sale. That is tying up there money..... I would call them and talk person to person and say if the rest is not damaged I would settle for the dented model for a reduced price.. But I think you said the other one was picked up already... You will have to wait on the next dent sale now.. I save a lot on damaged stuff or things missing from a box. They would just like to get it out of there warehouse.
Try that next time
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Don D
"onsite welding" wrote: Well Stuart:
fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he hadn't written (not wrote, idiot) anything, I would have.
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Leo Lichtman
You love name calling, don't you?
Is your license plate IR12? ;-)
Leo Lichtman wrote:
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Al Patrick
The next time I need my moral compass adjusted by somebody who obviously flunked the third grade, I'll let you know.
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Stuart Wheaton
aren't you doing exactly that (putting in a moral compass adjustment request) by implictly making that reply?
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