HELP: Hobart T-500 AC Welder Schematic or Manual

I have an old Hobart Welder Model T-500, SPEC# 4081A. I need a manual
and/or schematic diagram.
I have contacted Buffalo Welding Supply, but they do not have that
spec number. They list manuals for the T-500s, but the spec #s
available are:
5422A-1 THRU -12
5423A-1 THRU -12
5424A-1 THRU -12
At $50 each, with no refunds allowed, I'd rather not get one unless it
is likely to be useful.
Can anybody tell me if these manuals would "mostly" apply to my
welder? Is there any other source for old Hobart manuals?
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I am afriad that they are your best bet.
Call Thermal Arc and ask for one of the technicians. Many of those guys used to be at Hobart, and they could likely tell you which manual would fit your machine better.
Thermal Arc acquired the large Hobart machines and many of the engineers when Hobart was chopped up and sold.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks Ernie, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a try.
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Could non critical aluminum welding be done on the Maxstar 200DX with the cleaning action of HF? I know it would be better probably with the Dynasty 200DX but am curious as their pamphlets doesn't really get into that. I have a chance at getting a pretty reasonable deal on a Maxstar but would like to know about this particular item before deciding.
"Pay peanuts.....expect monkeys."
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HF doesn't provide much cleaning action. Besides, HF is start only on the 200DX.
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Gary Coffman
I have welded 1/8" aluminum with my Maxstar 200DX using a 5/32" Lanthanated tungsten in a CK210 Trimline torch. Machine was set to 130 amps,DCEP, High-freq. start, with a Argon/Helium mix gas.
It did a really nice weld.
I wouldn't want to do many , or long welds like that without investing in a water cooled torch for it. DCEP gets your torch real warm
I have had my Maxstar 200DX for 2.5 years and love it dearly. A great machine. I thought about upgrading, but the Dynasty 200DX has 1/2 the duty cycle of the Maxstar 200DX at full output.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
--I'll add that when Ernie paid a visit to my shop a while back he used this unit to lay down a beautiful bead between pieces of 1/16" aluminum. I gotta get me one of these machines! :-)
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Ernie, I thought you had the Dynasty any rate thanks for everyones input. I am going to go ahead and purchase the Maxstar 200DX. It is used, about 20 hours or so for 1600.00. That is very reasonable from the prices I have seen around. Ernie, I know you probably have every conceivable configuration for plugs. What would be good ones to have on hand and do you have just short conversions or long ones in case you can not get close. Do you run a regular cord up to the plug in or do you need to carry large amounts of the heavier cords?
thanks again,
-- "Pay peanuts.....expect monkeys."
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I standardized on a 14L20 4-pin twist lock for the machine and it's adpaters. I like this connector because I could buy premade 10-4 x 25' extension cords made by Yellow Jacket. They are made for use with a small generator. I have 3 of them.
I have 6 adapters I use, and one set of pigtails for hardwiring into a panel.
110 volt 220 volt single phase, 10 amp (same as my table saw) 220 volt single phase, 30 amp (Dryer plug) 220 volt single phase, 50 amp (Stove plug) 220 volt single phase, 50 amp (Welders plug) 460V 3 phase 60 amp (we have these all over the school shop)
I have no complaints about the connector or the extension cords. I keep a small wiring kit in the box with my Maxstar parts so I can change a plug or wire into a panel as needed.
I can either attach the adapter right to the machine or put up to 3 extension cords in between.
I thought about using a 14L30 connector, but it seems that more small generators use the 14L20 connector.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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