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I ran across a used Econotig, complete with air cooled torch, very low hours, no bottle at well less than half of retail sticker. This would be for my home shop. I occasionally use an Lincoln Synchrowave 180 SD at the prototype shop, don't really get into the exotic welding. Main use would be thin steel tube (.032" to .120 wall), .062" to .120" 6061 aluminum, and a bit of stainless.

I know the Econotig is really plain jane but the price is very attactive. Are there any "must have" features that make it worth going to a more full featured machine?

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It's Miller gear Roy. I have a spare SD180 that never gives me any problems at all. I love mine and It's easier to move than my Aerowave and does just as good of a job. I have not heard too much positive review on the Econotig. For the money, hit Sears and grab a Thermal-Arc. If you don't want to drop a fortune.

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--Hiya; I've been a happy Econotig user for about 5 years now. The thing it ain't got is the ability to throttle down below about 30 amps, so doing small stuff is a question of learning to pump the pedal right. I learned to tig weld with this thing and I think I've finally started t outgrow it, but it's going to stay in my shop. I'm leaning towards a Miller inverter machine with pulser built in and with the ability to go down to lower amperages, but that's cuz I'm starting to get into weird stuff. Nothing bad to say about the Econotig other than it does have limitations, but if you're just getting the hang of welding those limits are probably a way off..

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