question about my tig machine..Econotig

I purchased a used Miller Econotig from an auction. when loading it
up in the back of my truck, I disconnected all of the cables. Upon
unloading it, I noticed an O-ring laying on the floor of my truck.
The ring is about the size of a half dollar. I can not find any place
on the machine that an o-ring of this size might go. I have reviewed
the manual and it does not show a ring this size. It does show the
small ( dime size) ring where the tig cable would plug in...but
nothing this size....I think the ring I found my be from something
else I hauled in my truck some time ago. anyone know if the Miller
Econotig uses a ring this size???
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I owned one for 6 years. I know of no o-ring that size used anywhere in that machine.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
You need to buy a cheap broom and sweep that truck out every once and a while... for peace of mind : )
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John T. McCracken
So that's where I left it!
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