Econotig Machine Parts Available

Greetings Welders,
I have a Miller Econotig machine with a shorted transformer...not much
to salvage after that, but if any of you want/need parts for the
Econotig I might be in a position to help.
I was TIG welding on some aluminum when the transformer shorted.
AFAIK, the control board and other parts of the machine are in good
shape. I'm open to offers for the entire machine or parts of it.
Please contact me off list for more information.
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Robin Midgett KB4IDC
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What is AFAIK?? enlighten us:):)
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As Far As I Know
Brian wrote:
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Roy Jenson
Hello Robin, don't give up yet. Take the transformer out of the machine and show it to a few transformer/coil winding/manufacturing and repair shops. Get some quotes. You might be pleasantly surprised at the repair cost.
I have seen this happen before. You ring up and explain the problem. "Nah, we don't do that that" Stick the item on a bench for the coil winder to look at, and the challege to rewind it is taken up.
Take the transformer only. You don't want to frighten them off by showing the transformer in the machine.
Regards, John Crighton Sydney
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John Crighton
Is the circuit board # 164431 if so how much ? My machine welds wide open with no control
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do you still have parts
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Ricky Martin

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