Harbor Freight Spot Welder?

I'm looking to purchase the 115 volt spot welder from harbor freight but can't seem to find the amperage requirements for this item. I've emailed them and they haven't gotten back to me.

Any Ideas? Will a 15 amp circuit work or do I need a 30 amp? I won't be welding anything thicker than 18 gauge.

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Don't hold your breath. They're very helpful over the phone but I've emailed their tech people a couple of times over the years and have yet to receive a reply. :-(

But to save you the trouble of calling them I did a bit of digging. The manual is available online and while it doesn't list input current it does specify the size of the input wire. Item 43 in the parts listing on page 12 says "Cable, Power 10 Ft. 16 Gauge 1/C (Models w/out Timer).

I'm not sure what 16 gauge is rated at without looking it up but I'd guess about 10 Amps. A standard 15 Amp household outlet is wired with 14 gauge wire and should handle that just fine.

In case you're not at all familiar with wiring the higher the gauge the smaller the wire and the less current it can handle. :-) A 20 Amp outlet uses 12 gauge wire.

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You should be ok with it, but I would recommend that you consider the 240v version. Is not at all difficult to get 220v from any home. Just keep in mind that whatever spec HF posts, the working capabilities are usually 50-80%, imho

I love their products, but always keep this in mind when purchasng anything from them.

Good luck,


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Forgot to add, you can take the KVA and using watts law figure out the current.

1.5KVA (1500 Volt Amps) _______________________

120 (line voltage)

= 12.5 amps

this is normally written out as P=IE

power (watts) = amp x volts

100 watt light bulb at 120 volts draws .83amps

120 = .83 x 120

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On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 16:58:53 -0700, Terrence McCann wrote (in message ):

I've been using one of these on a 20 amp circuit for several months now without problems. Remember it has a 50% duty cycle.

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Roger Hull

Thank's guys for all the help. I really appreciate it.


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Terrence McCann

If this is like the ones we get in the UK which do are rated at 1mm +

1mm (0.040") then a 15 amp 240V supply is normally recommended but as its intermittent the normal UK household 240V 13 amp supply is fine. Clarke one in Machine Mart catalogue quotes 6kw max absorbed power, 1.2kw rated power.

Terrence McCann wrote:

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