HF Inverter welder

Anybody used the HF 120 volt **INVERTER** welder?
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$129 on sale
Tiny (8 pounds), reasonable duty cycle (35% at full 80 amps, 100% at 50
amps) and DC (not AC) I'm looking for something that would work on .065
and .083" wall tube frames at the races so 3/32 rod would be just fine.
This thing would fit in the bottom of the tool box instead of lugging
around the flux core wire feed!
PS: how about the 240 volt/2.4 kva spot welder for $159??? Supposed to
go to 3/16" (yeh right! but 1/8" maybe?? ie two 16 ga sheets. )
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I have another version purchased from HF
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to learn to weld. It is very light and does the job for small stuff. It looks like they don't carry the Arcone welder anymore.
I've run a few pounds of rods through mine with no problems and have never set off the thermal shutdown.
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Aaron Pasteris

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