Power requirements for Miller Dialarc?

Hi all -
I'm in the process of having my shop (residential 220v) wired for my
welders, one of which is an old (1980's) miller dialarc that doesn't
have PFC. My electrician is telling me to get the full range and duty
cycle possible from this unit,the install requires a 100 amp breaker
with #4 wire feeding it. It sounds ok to me but I'm no electrical
genius either.
Most of the time this unit will be working on DC @ about 100 amps, for
short perionds of time.
Just curious to find out from other Dialarc owners what kind of hook-
up is working in your shop?
any input is appreciated!
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I ran my Dialarc 250 HF on a 50 Amp breaker for a while. Low and medium range were fine, anything on high range would trip the breaker.
In another location, I ran it from a 60 Amp breaker. The lower end of the high range was usable.
Finally I ran it from a 70 Amp breaker and about half of the high range was usable.
I had the machine for a long time, it was a good DC machine and the HF worked fine for me. I replaced it when I started welding more aluminum and wanted square wave AC.
Good Luck Bob
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The manual will tell you exactly what you need to do to size the circuit properly, no ifs, ors, ands, xors, or buts.
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Absolutely not! The manual will (should) tell you the max input amps, it up to you to size the wire, amperage of breaker, load curve on the breaker, duty cycle YOU need, etc based on NEC and local codes.
The NEC allows a dedicated welder circuit to be protected with a higher amperage breaker than normal. This is based on typical welder duty cycles less than 100%. This is OK in an industrial setting, I REALLY don't like to see it for hobbist grade or home useage. Breakers have a fault curve that varies with brands and levels within brand. Trip them a few to many times and the curve starts to wander (usually trips early). And onward.
BobH mentioned that he could run with different breakers in different shops. I'd suggest that he was finding the normal variations in breakers.
So most of this means there are LOTS of ifs, ors, ands, xors, or buts!
Ignoramus9598 wrote:
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You're paying an electrician to do a wiring job and I'd guess he is a card carrying master electrician. With due respects to the group but why would you pay a pro and then ask a bunch of mostly shade tree electricians/welders what to do??? If your electrician is just a neighbor trying to help out then asking here is about as good as anywhere.
Hand your electrician the book on the welder and tell him to wire it. The cost of doing it right "ONCE" is a lot cheaper than having him come back later and redoing it when you discover you can't do that "one of" job.
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Clif Holland
My Dialarc is running on a 60 amp breaker. Never tripped it. And Ive welded at 225 amps at an ambient temp of 110F
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