Establish a fair price for a Trailblazer 251nt?

Hello all
I apologize if this is off topic somewhat. I have a Miller
Trailblazer 251 NT that I want to sell, possibly as a combo with a
s22p12 feeder.
The TB has less than 170 hrs, and works perfectly. It does have a few
cosmetic blemishes such as faded paint spots/scratches etc. You
wouldnt confuse it with a new rig, but it's not been abused either.
It's also on factory style running gear. The feeder is of the same
vintage (1998) and general condition, although I had a meter kit
installed in it recently.
Any thoughts on what a realistic price for this gear is? The ebay
prices are all over the map, and there doesn't seem to be anything
like bluebook value available to joe sixpack types like me. So I ask
for input from others who might know.
Thanks for you thoughts in advance-
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Do a search on eBay for that machine, including past auctions, and you will get a good idea of market value.
Go to eBay advanced search window. Just below the keyword box you will see a checkbox for "completed listings only"
This will allow you to search past auctions for that item.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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