Miller Trailblazer 301G - Good, Bad, or Ugly.

I need a professional opinion of Miller's Trailblazer 301G engine driven welder. I will be purchasing one in the near future, is this a well built piece of equipment ? All of the specs match my needs so no issues there. Just curious about quality.

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Nathan Collier

I bought one this summer. I think I paid about $3150. I have run stick, MIG and TIG with it.

One beef I have with the design of the thing is the lack of fine heat adjustment. I think the best way to remedy that is to use the remote hand adjustment add-on at the machine to dial in a specific heat setting.

Also, the heat settings (CC & CV) are between 15-20% higher than the markings on the machine. I went round and round with Miller over this, but they say that the marked settings are only a rough guideline.

Other than those two things, the machine has done well for me.

Good luck

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John L. Weatherly

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