spool gun choices for a miller inverter welder

Howdy im in the market for a spool gun set up for a miller xmt 300
cc/cv machine. Normal its suppose to take a Miller 30A with a W-24
controller,direct plug in, but mega bucks here at over $1200 for the
both especially for a hobby welder.
I am thinking about the Ready Welder, read good things here, but would
prefer a more durable or "regular" spool gun since I have constant
current already. any way to spooge in a off brand spool gun like a
http? seems to be a lot of brands out their for around $500. only
problem i see is hooking up the wire feeder motor wires to the 14 pin
amphenol plug on the welder.
one word of advice i already have is ANY spool gun will work I just
have to find the right pins in the amphenol 14 pin connector on the
machine to plug into to drive the motor in the spool gun.
is this about right? thanks eric
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Watch out for voltage issues. Miller uses 24V to power there stuff, Lincoln and Esab use different voltages (one of them is 110V I think).
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
Eric, Wayne Cook is right...be careful of voltage issues between models. Also, they have different pin counts sometimes too. Right now the guy at Zena welding is developing a better (more user friendly) power supply for hooking the readywelder up to CC & CV machines. I hope to have a prototype to test in the next few weeks. If this things works like I'm hoping it will...it will perform as good as the 30A...at a much cheaper price (no need for a W-24 control module either)...and will allow anybody with a garage arc welder (or professional shop equipment) to MIG / FCAW!!! I'll let you guys know how the test comes out. -Clutch-
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ok, i will pay attention to that,..... its funny how a miller 30A spool gun and controller equals the cost of a complete mig welder thats commercial quality. I am kicking myself in the arse now. I wish i had bought a miller or hobart mig with 200 amp output or so. but live an learn.
clutch do you work for zena? or is your prototype your own work? i am curious to know how it goes.
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Eric, I don't actually work for Zena. I do some photography & video work on the side (I'm doing some for zena now & just finished some for readywelder), as well as some consulting for companies seeking to do buisness with the government. As someone who spent 25 years in the military welding and machining I know what soldiers need & how to get it to them. I helped bring the readywelder into the army several years ago. Before my retirement in September I began looking at alternator/welders as a cost effective alternative to expensive field welding equipment. What I found was truly remarkable...zena...premier power welder..& mobi-arc all do a GREAT job of burning a 1/8" E6010 or E7018!!! The zena & the premier both also do a great job powering the readywelder as well. I posed the idea to the owners of zena & readywelder that an easy to use & effective spoolgun that will hook to ANY welding machine...CC or CV has a very real place in the market (civilian or military)...as long as they can keep the cost down. The guy at zena assures me it's no problem & I expect I'll get something the end of next week to try. I'll do pictures & let you folks know how it goes. -Clutch-
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