Miller Legend 301G?

My son is a full time working weldor and we have a Lincoln Precision TIG 275 welding machine in our home hobby shop.

I am in the market for a good quality back up generator for emergency stituations like the last big blackout in Ontario. After looking around on at all the generators available and their costs I have decided that for not much more money I could probably buy a Miller or Lincoln engine welder that would serve 2 purposes and withstand continuous use if necessary.

Does anyone out their have any opinions about the Miller Legend 301G with the 1800RPM generator feature. Is the 301G missing any of the features my son might want if he ever decides to start his own mobile welding business? Do these engine welder have good clean A/C voltage controls that won't hurt new appliances like refridgerators etc? Since the 301 is an older design are MIG feeders etc. going to be hard to find in a couple of years making us wish we had purchased a newer model like the Miller Trailblazer or Bobcat or the Lincoln equivilant?

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I just looked at the specs for the Legend. It looks like the main selling point is to be able to run the generator (below 2,400W) at 1,800 RPM. But the generator only puts out 5,000W. Doesn't weld AC, either.

I got the Trailblazer 301G. 10,000W peak power generator. Welds AC, too. The engine throttles up to 3,600 RPM whenever I attach any load to the generator side or the welder side. It's mounted inside my van, so I have a cooling fan, tig water cooler, and HF generator running off of it during tig stuff. During stick and mig, just the fan is activated, but it still throttles up from that load. No big deal, just a little louder and a little more fuel. It would throttle up anyway when you strike an arc.

I originally was going to get the Bobcat or a Lincoln Ranger 8. I decided to step up to the Trailblazer because it provides the base for anything that I would want to do (mobile-wise). Plus I can run the house power on it after an icestorm.

I would go with the Trailblazer 301 G because its cheaper and has more features.

Hope this helps

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John L. Weatherly

I've not welded with a Legend but I've been around them when they where being used and they make a lot less noise than a Bobcat. If I was going to buy new then it would definitely consider one instead of the old Bobcat I've got. But my use is more occasional field welding with even less often needing a generator in the field. I'm sure you know that they make a Bobcat with twice the generating capability of the Legend. If I wanted a lot of backup generating capacity this might be a factor.

As for Lincoln I can say that I've used a Ranger 250 and was impressed with the arc. I believe it's also a lower rpm machine (at least it seemed like it when I was using it).

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook

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