Miller Trailblazer 55G?

I have committed myself to buying a Miller Trailblazer 55G

Ebay # 290225426866

Winning bidder never paid or picked it up. I was in the owners shop the other day, and he mentioned I said if it doesnt get squared away Id be interested.

Blink....seller called me and said it was mine.

Did I screw up, or do good? I got it for a bit less than the winning ebay price

Im going to fire it up before paying for it of course, but the guy is trustworthy, but its been sitting for some years.

The Miller PDF says its about 1700 lbs...Gack!!!

I already have a Lincoln Ranger 9 (with a couple minor issues) is this Miller something I want to keep, clean up and sell, or?

What Ive read on the net, its a pretty decent welder, with a Continental 4 banger under the hood..but geeze.....1700 lbs??

Any commentary, suggestions etc would be appreciated. Ive never had much experience with Big Blue, mostly in the oil patch, most gas welders tend to be SA-200s


Gunner, back from a job in Aridzona

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On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 04:44:23 -0700, with neither quill nor qualm, Gunner quickly quoth:

Yeah, my SAE-300 is that or better. A guy would have taken the BIN on my eBay 260246809026 the other day but he couldn't figure out a way to get it onto his trailer. He'd "left the noisy ramps at home", damn him. It has 6 watchers and 333 views so far. I just left eBay a nastygram saying that I do NOT wish to _require_ Paypal, the fidiots. And they don't have a box for cash acceptance.


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Larry Jaques

If I was local to you, I would bid without hesitation.

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On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 08:14:51 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus16961 quickly quoth:

It's time for a ROAD TRIP, Iggy! ;)

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Larry Jaques

Bid? I bought it for $500

Now I need to see if it runs...Cringe....

PBlaster down the cylinders and let er set for a day or two..drain everything refill with new, bypass the keyed ignition switch (no keys to be found) and jump start from my truck before spending real money on a battery.....groan.....what have I done....


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Did the auction disappear or something???

I had it in my watchlist?


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Evidently you missed the first part....

It sold on Ebay for $610. To a guy who didnt have any money to pay for it.

When the seller contacted him...he replied.." I can maybe make payments?"

Seems the buyer is no longer a registered user......

Id bought stuff from the seller before, have been in his shop several times, and when he told me the story..I mentioned that if it didnt work out..Id be interested in buying it.

He called me the other day....shrug

Or are you talking about Larry's auction?

I couldnt find that one by using his numbers


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I am talking about Larry's auction.


BLING::~==> 260246809026 Error selecting item 260246809026: Item not found.


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On Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:45:50 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, Ignoramus16961 quickly quoth:

It did, but for different reasons. Gunner was referring to his auction he won, not the one I put up.

Those uckerfays at eBay canned my first auction because I said I'd accept a trade, then they notified all the watchers that it was cancelled. Oh, joys!

I relisted it, 260247916481, yesterday when I found out and have had

100 views/5 watchers added since. Everyone's waiting for a steal, I'm sure. One guy would have bought it for the $500 BIN if only he'd remembered to bring his ramps last week. Drat!

Ig, maybe you could persuade someone (Lee, maybe?) to trailer it out to you when they're coming east to buy more/other machinery.

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Larry Jaques

I doubt that we can find anyone to do it cheaply. Anyway, if you do, send me a note and we'll talk.

eBay has a very stupid auction cancellation program. For example, it routinely cancels auctions that say things such as "like Snap-On" because it considers them to be trademark violations.

So a few of my auctions were canceled because I said "Like New", due to eBay considering them trademark violations.

So now I say "Llke New" instead.

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