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Hi all
Does "coping" have a different name in the UK, compared to in North America?
In the same way as a "spud wrench" in N.Am. is a "podger" here...
I do do the activity - cutting away the flanges of beams for a short
distance with an oxy-acetylene torch so that a one beam can come in
sideways up to the web of another beam running perpendicular to it.
But when I referred to it as coping I drew a blank.
What is the definition of / meant by coping?
I saw in "Scotchman (Dvorak) Ironworker" that Too_Many_Tools mentions
coping pipe.
Rich Smith
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Richard Smith
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Around here ( Western Canada) coping is removing the flange and part of the web to provide clearance as you stated. If only one side of the flange or two sides of the flange are removed leaving a small strip of flange attached to the web it is called blocking. The blocking allows the web to bolt to the web of a column using angle clips. The blocked areas prevent contact with the column flanges. I looked up definition and it said to "cut to form a joint without mitering." A fishmouth cut on a pipe then could be called a cope by general definition. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
Think coping saw. It cut the fancy curves on the wood trim put into houses. It allowed fine line curves. So flange makes sense in a parallel world of metal to wood. Martin Martin H. Eastburn @ home at Lions' Lair with our computer lionslair at consolidated dot net TSRA, Life; NRA LOH & Endowment Member, Golden Eagle, Patriot's Medal. NRA Second Amendment Task Force Charter Founder IHMSA and NRA Metallic Silhouette maker & member.
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Randy Zimmerman wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Go back to basics: 'coping' is managing to do something which is by implication difficult:
- A coping saw manages to cut the difficult shapes needed in joining wooden mouldings - A coping pipe cut manages to adapt two pipes to each other snuggly for welding
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Andrew Mawson
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