Thermal Arc 250 GTSW

I have found a Thermal Arc 250 GTSW for $650. It has a ground and stinger but no TIG torch and remote control. It has a 30 day warranty so I can take it back if it does not work. Does this sound like a reasonable deal? How hard would it be to hook up the torch and remote control from my Miller Synchrowave 250 to it? I have moved way out in the country and do not have a workshop yet so a small inverter unit would be real handy right now. Maybe I would be better off to just buy a new TA 185 package for $1800.

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The 250 is a bigger machine, and will give more output for heavy aluminum TIG using AC.

It is also an older machine so it is out of warranty and replacement boards are about $500 each.

To get it running figure about $300-$400, for torch, ground cable, controller, flowgauge.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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