Thermal Arc wire feed machines

I have seen a number of people post good things about Thermal Arc's
inverter TIG machines, how are their wire feed machines? I was looking
at their Fabricator 180 for about $625.
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I have heard good things about hem from repair techs, but unfortunately I live on the west coast and Thermal Arc just doesn't market their wire feeds out here. Lots of inverters and plasma cutters, but rarely do you see a Thermal Arc wire feed, or generator welder on a show floor on the west coast.
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Thanks. I have a strong leaning toward blue machines and I went into another shop yesterday and the guy made me a good deal on a Millermatic 252. Coincidentally, he also quoted me a heck of a lot better rate on gas (argon for my TIG and C25 for my new wire feed) than the other shop did. I think I just changed vendors...
Thanks, Bob
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I have a Thermal Arc ArcMaster 351 with all the bells and love it. Also have a Millermatic 185. Also a nice machine, but doesn't do much anymore. It's too easy to dial up just what I need/want with the TA. (I have the dual MIG setup). One is set for ER70S and the other is 308L.
Your Millermatic will treat you well.
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