Hobart Hefty wire feed

I recently acquired a HOBART HEFTY wire feed suitcase. It seems to be
meant for fluxcore only. It actually works. It is CC/CV wire feed.
Does anyone know if spare parts for it are completely unavailable?
I thought to modify it to run with a Miller M-15 MIG gun, which I have
but which does not fit Hobart Hefty. I have a mill, so making an
adapter or boring out the hole is not too difficult.
Another advantage of this is that with a homemade adaptor, I could
add a gas solenoid.
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Miller supports those boxes. Parts should be easy to get but maybe a bit pricey. All the suitcase feeders have very expensive parts.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
The gun I gave you is a M25 that should directly fit if I'm not mistaken.
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RDF, yes, I was talking about your gun -- and got confused and thought for a moment that it was M15. It does not fit exactly, but, I think, I can make an adaptor. The gun is awesome and I would love to put it to real use.
Thank you!
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