Hobart Hefty CC/CV

A fellow that I work with has this Hobart Hefty CC/CV suitcase wire feeder
and I would like to buy it from him (he says it is about 6 years old but
never used). I have seen it and it looks brand new, complete with gun and
regulator. I have a Lincoln Ranger 8 engine driven welder without the
optional remote contactor and I was wondering if I could weld hard wire as
well as dual shield fluxcore wire with this suitcase wire feeder?
I have used suitcase feeders before on jobsites but only with a
self-shielding fluxcore wire using straight polarity, it works but I prefer
using CO2 fluxcore or solid wire in my shop.
Or do I need to get a different feeder and install the remote contactor in
my welder to change from dual shield fluxcore to solid wire using reverse
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If having your contact tip hot all the time is tolerable to you it should work. Some suitcase welders come with their own contactor and gas solenoid. The gas solenoid isoften visible at the gas connection. Wire feed is the only way to get any production out in the field nowadays. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
Thanks for the info randy, I have already tried it and it works great. I put some .045 innershield and some .035 solid wire through it with C25 gas and it welded great. The tip is not "hot" untill the trigger is squeezed and there is a toggle switch inside to switch from cc to cv. Now I just have to go out and find some work for it. Will have to be weekends since I'm at AMEC rebuilding Disneylands Space Mountain ride and we are quite busy right now.
By the way are you still at L.E. Steel? If so say hi to Dave for me
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The Hefty feeder has an on board contactor so the wire will not be hot until you pull the trigger, make sure you use a ar/co2 mix for solid wire.
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