Hobart models (joke)

I was in the " Weld-it " store today and noticed that Hobart has new
modells out
110 V hobart handler 140 , which use to be handler 125, then 135 and
and 230 V handler now called 180, I think it was 175
if they would only call it 140 and say it is a model numeric number
but it is printed that it is a 20-140 amp welding machine !!!
and the handler 180 is a 30-180amp welding machine.
good to see that they have found a way to increase amprage to 140 amp
on a 110 V circuit
all joking aside ....those newfolks that just joined the forum
they are :
110 V handler 140 == is a 90 amp welder
and the handler 180 === is a 135 amp welder.
they should do something about those marketimng robots ( people), must
be fresh out of collage !
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Unfortunately they are stuck in a number war with Lincoln and ESAB. Nobody wants to be the first to admit that the numbering system is screwed so they just keep escallating.
The first company to admit that a 110 v MIG is really only a 90 amp machine will get hammered by the competition.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Lincoln has done the same thing in the past. I checked part numbers on all the major components once and found that their MIG-Pak 15, Weld-Pak 155, SP-170T and SP-175T are all the same welder except for the lettering on the front panel and the fact that the Weld-Pak 155 doesn't come with the gas solenoid installed. Now they also have other numbering for the same units but the older 155, 170 and 175 were supposed to indicate max amps. :-)
I'm sure it's the same case with the SP-125T and SP-135T 110V units. I'm waiting to see if they counter Hobarts "improvement". :-D
Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com
"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers (1879-1935).
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Keith Marshall
miller does not want to stay behind in the counting game , millermatic 250, now somehow they squeezed an extra 1 amp , so it is millermatic 251. lincoln call the same class machine a 255 ? just to stay ahead of the game. once Ernie explained how Sears calculates the horsepower rating , it was so funny.
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The millermatic 250 series is actually capable of outputting a usable 300 amps @ a 25%+ duty cycle. Miller is calling the unit the 251 to distinguish that it is an upgraded and improved model from the original MM 250 or the more recent MM 250x
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I haven t ran the HH 140 or HH 180 , but I use to own a HH 135 and a HH 175. With a self-shielded fluxcore wire, which requires a much lower output voltage then a solid wire, the HH 135 was capable of outputting a 135 amps off a 120 volt 20 amp circuit. Now, I never took the HH 175 up to it max 175 amp output, but I did use it quite a bit, around the 18 load volt range, and around 155-160 amps with solid wire and C25.
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I do not have the electrical knowledge to argue with you on this, you may be correct ..... but other have demostrated on this newsgroup that your theory is incorrect. and not possible to pull 135 amp welding current on 110V 20 amp using this type of welding machine. even if it is possible it would for a very short time and the machine would not like it much.
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better machines does not have to make up numbers and bump up amp rating to look good.
example; while back machines were rated at 100% duty cycle, and most of the better machines, industrial , 300 amp and up still do rate at 100 % , mostly power sources.
only the crappy once need to say model 135 = 135 amp at 5 -30 % duty cycle. this way it looks like a real 135amp machine.
just because it is capable of producing 135amp for a short time does not make it so.
trust me it is not good when you see that yellow overheating light on the machine on the regular bases. that is why i sold my millermatic 175 and got a 251. the 175 was running balls out giving out funny smell, both leads, groung and gun leads where pretty hot. had to stop on the regular bases to allow to cool . see........ I don't call this a 175 amp welder.
this was on a 1/4" thick plate runnig 8 4 inch beads using solid wire with C25.
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