bought a firepower150

Well I bought a Victor firepower set yesterday at an ACE Hardware sale. They
ordered it for someone but never picked it up. They wanted $159.99 but I
waited for their brown bag sale yesterday (SAT.) Got it for 137. + Tax.
It has a #0 cutting tip and a #0 welding tip. Would I need any other tips
to go with this for everyday regular use?
Does the #0 cutting tip cut cleaner than one used for thicker metal as in
one for 1' thick? I most likely will use it for 1/4 stock.... Would I stay
with the #0 or would the next one up be faster or cleaner? Just wondering
I do have to help cut down I-beams from a hotel being torn down. I will get
some of the I-beams and poles for helping. I think they may be almost 1/2
It is not as big as a contractor set but it will do for me for now. It has
10' of 1/4 grade T line hose, should I get another 10' as a backup
I hope I did not make a mistake in the buy.
TIA for any info or help in my thoughts
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Don D
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You were able to get it into a bag? My ACE told me that only items that would fit in a bag were available for the sale.
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I put it on end diagonal in the bag. OH, I forgot to say, I bent the top handle down to help. It did rip the bag at the bottom.. It worked
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Don D

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