Oxy / Acetyline parts bought

I bought some Oxy / acetylene barrels and cutting heads over the weekend along with a 48" oxy tank and a 32" acetylene tank. I looked at all the parts and pieced them together as matching sets from just being laying all together in a box and this is what I have:

Victor SR410 A #2045854 Reg. Acetylene OLD Purox type R-205 7342 Reg. Oxy OLD

Victor firepower set of gages Fairly new

Forney 143-2 barrel OLD LOOKING Forney 144 cutting head Harris #5 welding nozzle

Smiths barrel MW ? not sure one the number MC-509 cutting head MW 205 M1/5 welding nozzle

Victor 8-MFA Rosebud Victor 35 G668 Barrel?

Purox W-275 Barrel OLD LOOKING

12 welding head

Victor CA250 Barrel From the set of gages cutting head

4-UM-1 welding head

Quick connects, 2 sets M / 1 set F

3 sets old hoses all dry rooted (just going to throw them out)

I was thinking of finding someone to see if any of these are worth rebuilding as extras. You think these may be worth the time and money to rebuild? I mainly bought all this for the tanks... and these come with it. The guy just wanted these out of his car port after storing them for a year for a friend

I do already have a new set I bought over the weekend at a sale at ACE. I did need the tanks though. and the welding shop said they would exchange them for refills. Just swap them out..

Thanks for all the help I can get..

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Don D
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replying to Don D, Dclark wrote: By chance do you still have that forney torch and the accessories that fit it? Would you be willing to sell?

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