First--I would visit a few local dealers of the gasses--"welding supply
You're going to have to deal with someone for refilling-(or swapping)
your bottles.
See what brands of torches they carry & price them..--You can buy them
or shop E-bay or elsewhere for the same brand---replacement parts are
seldom needed in torches, but later on the critical "O" rings in the
jount require
replacement.---A few years later they won't remember whether you bought
it there or not, but if it is "their brand", they're much more likely to
assist you with the parts.
S*a*s , in the past has had a major mfgrs make their tools , but
incorporate a few
"bastard" sized components to force you to come back to them for
to the Wards cog-belt case in the other post..
I would definitely stay with one of the recognized brands , Victor,
Oxy-weld, Etc.
Stay away from imports !!.
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On Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:46:18 -0500, jerry Wass vaguely proposed a theory ......and in reply I say!: remove ns from my header address to reply via email
why? **************************************************** I went on a guided tour not long ago.The guide got us lost. He was a non-compass mentor.........sorry ........no I'm not.
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Actually, the import Victor clones appear to be just fine. Pye-Barker even sells a Victor clone under their house brand. Nothing with their house brand is junk. I bought a set to back up my ancient Harris torch. Works great, and genuine Victor parts interchange, which means it is a true clone.
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