astropower mig welder

I need parts for an italian made mig welder. Bought from a matco tool truck. Didn't know enough to buy american.(price was good/time payments) tool distributor gone . Matco knows nothing. Help. Thanks Keith

Astropower Powermig 110

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Keith, try

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most of the stuff is available, and they pretty simple. Good luck! tt

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Terry Thorne

It depends upon the parts you need. I have an Astro Powermig 100. Terry Thorne was a great help, by informing me, that it was made by Cebora. They seem to make part, or all of several other brands. The old style Clarke Nylon gunliners work in mine. The Powermig 110 is still sold by many web based stores. I expect you can get parts from any of them. A search using "mig welder" turns up more hits, than the brand name. I am having good luck making my own metal parts, and some plastic stuff.

It would be nice to turn up a pdf parts list for the 100, and 110!

Steve Rayner.

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Steve Rayner

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