Crafstman Oxy/Acet welding tip

I have a Craftsman torch that's about 12 years old and need a few new
welding tips. Sears doesn't carry them and can't find anything online.
Does anyone know who made these and if something from Harris or Victor
will fit it?
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Where 'online' did you look? Sears part number for the torch opens up Sears parts-ordering pages for most things Craftsman.
Yes, Sears torches are undoubtedly clones of some other torches, and any good welding store can fit you up with new tips. Try taking the torch in and asking. In Seattle, at least, there are lots of storefront dealers that can help.
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Rather than "clones," they're usually made by some major company with its own brand, and then re-branded Craftsman. Sears has had plants making products exclusively for them but low-volume items like torches are typically just re-branded stuff.
Did you measure the threads to see if they're a Victor or other standard? Maybe Harris, but that wouldn't be within 12 years. They had some torches made by Dockson but that would be 50+ years ago.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
Mine's at least 25 years old- haven't needed to replace anything yet (of course, it only gets occaisional use)
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Have you checked the "O" rings/gaskets recently? That's a long time exposure to the elements.
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The O-rings I see in the head are in good shape, haven't checked elsewhere.
What's the typ. age-related failure mechanism in the regulators?
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Post to sci.engr.joining.welding and ask for Ernie. He's forgotten more about welding than the sum total the rest of humanity knows. The group is a great group for welding, too. Not many flame wars or politics. Subject to sporge lately, but it comes and goes. Lots of helpful fellers there.
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Every Craftsman torch I have seen was made by Harris.
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Grant Erwin
In article , MarkL wrote:
The torch you have was made by Harris. They have made Craftsman torches for a long long time. You can buy tips from Harris
What they sell is the blowpipe. Unscrew the old blowpipe from the brass base.
or from Goss.
Goss makes tips for everybody else's torches.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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