Light vs medium vs heavy duty torches

Hello all,
I just purchased a Victor Advantage II torch outfit. I am now learning that
this is considered a "light duty" rig. I did some gas welding many many
years ago and do remember using different size torches but never gave it
much thought.
The specs indicate that it will: "Welds up to 1/2 in. with optional
nozzles", "Cuts up to 6 in. with optional tips"
The thickest I can ever conceive of working with is 3/16", maybe 1/4". So
it would seem I got a good rig for my needs..
Any comments?? What about tank sizes? I am thinking the Q size Oxygen tank
but I am not sure what the corresponding Acetylene tank should be..
Thanks for any tips!
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"Fred" spluttered in news:
I've got a very light, and old torch. I can't recall the brand right now, I'll look tomorrow. Nnnn, it's a Victor I think.
I tried to buy welding tips and my counterman said *dat ain't no Victor*.
I brought the torch in the next week. He suggested it was, at least, over 50 years old, and in the meantime the buddy who gave it to me pointed out the drawer with all the New tips.
Anyway, it'll cut an inch and the welding tips range down to tiny. Laying on my back brazing rust holes on an oil pan, I want the smallest, lightest torch I can find.
But I also have another setup that'll take a rosebud.
The specs indicate that it will: "Welds up to 1/2 in. with optional
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Greg M

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