Welding back tape?

Hello all,
Awhile back there was a post on some tape that you could put on the
back side of a welding joint and eliminating the need for back purge.
I was wondering if this is a good idea to use of Stainless Steel and
has anyone used it? I doing some enclosures that would be a real
pain the back side to back purge. Also a name of the tape you used
(if anyone has tried it) would be greatly appreciated.
Houston, Tx
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Here is a link to a manufacturer.
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Hope this help
Gerald Austin
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Gerald Austin
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for one make. Iv'e fiddled with it, but not used it extensively. Seemd to work quite well. I have several aquantainces in the boiler trade that regularly do jobs where it is required.
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There is also a paste flux you can brush on the backside, called Solar Flux.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
"m5bmw" skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com...
Sometimes when the welding is not so critical, I have used just alutape, as thick as possible or double. The result is much much better than not to use anything, and it is cheap. Tor Norway
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