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The Air Products company used to have a line of welding and cutting torches. Can anyone tell me what happened to that line? Who bought it when Air Products got rid of it? Can parts still be found for these handles?

Thanks for any and all help

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Air Products torches use the same tips as Airco. When Airco was chopped up. The torches went to 2 companies.

Koike currently supports all the cutting machines, like track burners, pattern cutters and pipe cutters. They also make hand torches.

Concoa just makes the hand torches. Both companies make tips and accessories

You can also get tips from Goss

Uniweld also makes knock offs of Victor, Harris and Airco torches, and they supply tips for all of them

BTW Uniweld torches are kind of interesting because they all use Victor valves, which in my opinion are the best torch valves around. So you can get an Airco torch with Victor valves. A really nice combination.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Ernie....who made/supplies parts for "Torchweld" cutting attachments?

Ive got one, looks unused but cant find a tip. Looks internally like Victor 300 series..but the barrel of the tip is fatter than the hole in the nut. It seems to fit a mixer marked Eutectics (the flame spraying folks)..likely Harris OEM..but dont want to put gas to it to see..until I can find a tip to fit. 3 tubes, arrainged in a triangle with the tip at a slant.

I had a "torch repair guy" look at it..says "no parts available", but he also said he had never seen or heard of it either....I suspect he is a bit limited in what he encounters..mostly Victor/Harris.

I also have a mixing handle..about the size of a J100 Victor..marked National Torch Co. Any leads there?

I also have a Craftsman 645.54741 (sears parts not availble) handle and attachment..big unit...with a bad cutting valve. valve head is missing off the valve. Excellent shape otherwise. Beautifly made. Lovely actually.

3 tube cutting attachment. Id love to get it running again.


Post saved for further reference! Thanks!

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I asked Harold today and have a few answers.

Some Torchweld parts are available, but Harold's opinion was that they are not worth investing in. The torches were made by a few different companies and re-branded.

National Torch and Rego are 2 older torch companies that still have some parts available, and are somewhat interchangeable. They both made torches for Sears Craftsman before Harris took that business over in the late 80's.

If it is less than 20 years old then it is most likely a Harris torch. The Harris 2000 hand-piece and parts has been a standard of Sears Craftsman for quite a while.

Here is a link to Harris

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Ernie Leimkuhler

There is a partial list of Craftsman OEM's at:

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they don't have a listing for the 645 code... --Glenn Lyford

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