RF Welding equipment from Europe (27.12MHz)

We offer a full range of HF welders / RF welders and HF/RF Generators
and hydraulic presses.
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Available HF/RF Welder Machines:
:: HF/RF Welders with continuous weld and movable head
:: HF/RF Turntable welders (4/6 stations)
:: HF/RF Tube welders (up to 1000mm length)
:: HF/RF Heat Sealers
:: HF/RF Bar Welders, & more.
Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a design and engineering
department; machine, tooling and electronic shop, fabrication, sheet
metalwork and assembly with design and manufacturing aids such as
CAD/CAM. Our in-house engineering team, comprised of highly skilled
electronic, mechanical and HF/RF engineers, is continually developing
new and innovative features for our product line. This same team can
custom design, modify and service HF equipment for your specific
application needs.
Equipment purchased from us is backed by an experienced, home based,
factory trained field service engineering group, that is available for
installations, preventive maintenance, equipment modification and
Industries - Medical, Textile & Textile Appliqu=E9s, Packaging,
Automotive Applications
Protective Clothing , Sneaker and Shoe Components , Stationery Items ,
Gel and Foam Filled Devices , Stadium Cushions , Medical Products ,
Inflatables , Toys , Doll Cases , Pouches , Juvenile Products , Clam
Shell Packaging , Toilet Seats , Tag holders , Protective Covers ,
Military Covers , Bladders , Bellows , Inflatable Life Preservers and
many more.
PACKAGING : Blister sealing, clam shell sealing, clear fold boxes,
loose-leaf binders, advertising specialties, photo albums, CD& cassette
holders, checkbook holders, id tag holders, page protectors, floatation
cuffs/pool liners & toys, all inflatable toys, camping accessories,
MEDICAL : Blood Bags, Blood Separation Systems, Blood Pressure Cuffs,
Pulsating Air Mattresses, Water Mattresses, Invitro Feeding Bags,
Urinary Drainage Bags, Wound Evacuation Pumps and Bags, Patient ID Tags
& Bracelets, Stretcher & Bed Covers, Mobile Clean Rooms, IV Bags, Air
Inflated Splints, Environmental Chambers & Suites, Hazardous Waste
Containment Systems, Body Bags
AUTOMOTIVE : Specially designed to seal door panels, sun visors, heel
pads/mats, convertible tops, embossing for upholstery/ decorating, etc.
STATIONERY : PVC lever-arch files, corporate binders, clear pockets,
photo albums, book covers and so on are manufactured on a range of HF
welding equipment.
TENT and TARPAULIN : The PVC panels on truck covers, tarpaulins and
marquees are joined using high frequency.
Wood forming and bonding:
We also manufacture HF Generators with power range from 5kW to 200kW
and hydraulic presses for forming and joining of wood panels, MDF
boards and plywood, using HF/RF to speed up the curing of adhesives,
eg. bending and forming plywood sheets for furniture industry,
edge-jointing systems for the manufacture of boards, doors or shelving
from narrow sold timber sections, bulk laminators, edge clippers and
carcass or assembly jigs. The process is extremely quick and efficient
and the joined (glued) and laminated product can go immediately to the
next machining station.
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