outstanding product design with laser cluster technology

Anti counterfeiting indicators, product design with laser cluster technology
Laser perforation in general Possible to perforate by pulsed or enlarged and focused laser beams
are holes sizes from 60 to 200 microns at density of holes of typical 10 to 30 holes per cm, holes sequences from 100.000 to 400.000 holes per second at a maximal of 16 punctured rows by laser distributed over the material web width with traditional systems or machines.
Means in cigarette, tipping, plug-wrap, filter, packaging, packs, tear tape, plastic, film, foil and other material webs. With porosity levels from 100 to 3000 C. U., normally in web widths from 100 to 500 mm at web speeds of up to 600 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.
IPM’s patent grant and applied laser cluster perforation technology IPM developments of laser cluster perforation technology LPM-1 is patent grant by DE102004001327 and operates with quadruple beam inputs up to 8 KW to a high power twin level multiplexer to generate up to 200 individual laser perforation rows across the web, combines automatic positioned laser perforation heads, focus setting, web speeds up to 400 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm, up to 2,500.000 holes per second, jumbo roll-by-roll production, optical online permeability and perforation line position control, porosity feedback, high automation level and other features. Each laser perforation lines are archive able from 100 up to 1000 C.U.
The conception of high power twin level laser beam multiplexer enables plenty capabilities in other industry applications field as cutting, cut-off, welding, surface finishing, drilling, ablation, micromachining, polishing, forming, melting, surface treatment, roughness improvement, etc. Each of 200 single perforation heads can positioned across the through running web or static positioned material.
The fully automatic processes, equipments and devices open outstanding possibilities in industry, domestic, tobacco product, paper converting, manufacturing, refiner, gift material, printing, labeling, laminating, plastic, film, foil, tear tape, gluing tapes, packaging, medical, hygienic, biological, wall covering, security cards, bank notes, house building, construction, food, fruit, agriculture, bio- engineering applications and markets.
Working principle of MLL-1 Micro-Laser-Line perforation As known offline laser perforation machines or processes generating strait holes lines in web direction of the running tipping or other material sheets. Excluding spray laser designs which looks similar as random holes into certain zone areas as electrostatic perforation.
The world-wide new and patent pending DE102004012081 Micro-Laser-Line technology generating cluster pattern, micro holes, sinus, waves, zigzag, cryptograms, logos, holograms, brand names or other kind of perforation designs in web direction which can looks like as a group of micro laser lines.
Concerned tipping paper means: non coaxial circumference at the cigarette filter.
New beam divert moving, scanning, flipping elements control each single laser perforation lines in across material direction which are precise focused for micro holes in ranges from 50 up to 120 micron.
Technical solutions Technologically this is performed by means of Piezo oscillators, ultra fast mini scanner, laser beam deflection, actuator with metal optics or asymmetrically, rotary reflection cones, which function and operational sequences is precise synchronize with the speed of web material.
Envelope curves of the selected perforation pattern are storage and calculated by PLC control before single holes and holes groups supervised during production processes.
Product and process advantages Micro-Laser-Lines enables total different product indicators against all other laser perforation processes it allows significant product property and trademark indications – patent claims MLL-1 perforation design indicates unique the company which had generate the micro perforation in tipping, packaging or other material webs wide range of laser perforation groups as common active ventilation zone to obtain several advances in air stream distributions into cigarette filter fully perforation line guiding around the cigarette filter assure constant porosity results several pattern or wave line designs for different brands are possible number of holes per cm length are constant e.g. 10 or 20 porosity range from 100 up to 1000 C.U. hole sizes from 50-120 micron hole densities from 100.000-500.000 holes per Second – in total from 1 up 6 perforation pattern or lines can combines one group perforation hole quality and porosity remains in standard levels many other web material, substrate or products are treatable in similar processes
Laser perforation machines and systems existent laser perforation machines are able to modified with new optical, mechanical and control elements low investment of technical modifications because exchanges of certain elements complete MLL-1 devices are adaptable on existent offline laser perforation machines or other systems capability to adapt MLL-1 beam divert devices/unit at online perforation system at cigarette making machine perforation power and production output remains as before
Applications The MLL-1 Micro-Laser-Line perforation for web or sheet material as paper, metal, isolation, plastic, film, foil, leather, textile material enables now large number of possibilities for hole positioning with different perforation pattern, design, wave, zigzag, cryptograms, scripts, etc. lines or others which generates e.g. optimized air distribution characteristics in cigarette filter, unique anti counterfeiting indications and 100 other product advantages.
Special remark of MLL-1 creates fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarette filter or other tobacco, packaging or security products.
Specific indication of brand names which is recognizable for everyone and product buyer – if the micro holes or pattern are to see with magnified glasses.
Or touch able as Braille scripts as micro cluster perforation cryptograms.
Summary The MLL-1 targets many new applications with laser beam diverts in horizontal or vertical position. Uses of sophisticated diverts elements allows easy and low budget modifications at existent laser systems and production machines.
In a close cooperation with a Chinese laser manufactures we are able as well to offer complete machine and production lines solutions with laser perforation or other machines. International quantity and quality levels for Asia prices.
We are searching for a strategic business partnership or alliances with the expansion in nano micro production technology for new applications with special product characteristics and connected market segments. These may be e.g. machine manufactures, power electronics, engineering or process application companies.
Preferably in region as greater China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina where excellent conditions are partly available in industrial fields of electrostatic nano micro cluster perforation and 100 other laser material treatments.
This includes tied cooperation in laser perforation or surface treatment technologies with Chinese laser manufacturers. The regions of South America or Europe would also be an attractive option.
Additional starting capital or financial support is not required, but a functioning, fair cooperation and partnership for the acquisition of new customers, use of nano micro production technology for the generation of new product characteristics and improved turnover figures.
We will be glad to exchange specific information in case of further interesting.
Outstanding Micro Cluster Patent Production Technologies
MLL-1 micro laser treatment, line perforation real alternative for galvanometer scanner, cluster micro technology for hole pattern, perforation design, waves, zigzag or packages lines, cryptograms, company logos, holograms, anti counterfeiting, security paper, safety, bank note, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, credit cards, transparent films, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrinkable film, tear tapes, labels, cardboards, bar or matrix codes, marking, scribing, jewelry, automotive, pharmacy, golf, smoking, chemical or medical product, electronics part, indicators, porosity contours or profiles, embossing, bioengineering, membrane, filtration, focus, holographic, hinge-lid, pack, hole, porous, hole, line, micron. Patent pending DE102004012081.
LPM-1 micro laser cluster perforation or other material treatment at wide web, large area, surface or whole material cluster treatment, cutting, welding, drilling, ablation, cleaning, melding, high power dual rotation laser beam splitter, twin multiplexer level, 2/4 KW optical input, flexible hollow fibers, 200 output channels, Co2, Yag, Excimer, UV, emission. Material treatment and robotic handling for stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, wafer, gold, glass, silver, brass, copper, wafer, silicon, titanium, diamonds, jewelry, silicon, solar, panel, photovoltaic, micromachining, slitting, rewinding, refining machines or stand along systems. Patent grant DE102004001327.
Nano Micro perforation or other material surface treatment, electrostatic cluster perforation for cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug wrap, craft, cement sack, bag, fine and other paper, silicon or other coatings, certain plastic films, laminates, porosity from 80 up to 2500 Coresta Units, from 20 down to 6 Gurley, hole sizes from 50 nm up to 100 microns, hole densities from 80-260 h/cm2, zone widths from 2.0-6.0 mm, up to 16,000,000 holes per Second, web speeds up to 500 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm. Patent grant DE10328937.
Twin AC/AC, AC/DC frequency shift converter high power, high frequency, high voltage, ultra short mega peak current, electro static nano or micro cluster perforation, ignition, sparking, arc, cigarette, tipping, filter, fine, packaging, paper, plug-wrap, sack, bag, Kraft, food, plastic film, foil, textile, fabrics or other products, switching converter, compressor, emergency, train, ship or vessel power supply, generator, fuel cell, upward, downward, frequency shift switching unit, stabilizer, soft starter, vector, phase, inverter, servo system, motion, stepping, spindle, CNC, machine, asynchronous, standard, motor, torque, automation, remote, gas, slab, laser, diode, stack, fiber, beam, material, hybrid, plug-in, car, battery, lithium, Ion, renewable, energy, wind, solar, panel, technology, recycling, medical equipment, membrane filtration, robotic, photovoltaic, industrial automation, drives, IGBT, MOSFET, FRETFET, HVFET, tube, rf, hv. Patent grant DE10328937.
Optical online OPSS-1 porosity vision scanning control system permeability cluster control for electrostatic or laser micro perforation machines, multiple color sensor head, spectral intensity, DSP, FPGA, CCD, line, precise, laser, position, material finger print detection, VIS wave length, opacity, defects, inspection, image control, scanner systems, process software, line, camera, vision control, filter, tipping, cigarette, book, packaging, magazine, bible, wall, Kraft, paper, carton, coffee, tea, food, co-extrusion foils, films, agriculture, cement, domestic or other moving fabrics or web material. Patent pending DE10251610. China patent grant 200310104764.
Optical dynes or surface tension control ODSTM-1 at fast moving substrate, plastic, film, foil, tear tape, laminate, co-extrusion, BOPP, LLDPE, PE, PP, PVC, MOV, MOH, FEP, PET, OPP, PTFE, MPET, online, spectral, extinction, monolithic, sensor, analyzing, measurement, wave length, Raman, stray, beaming, water drop, angle, inspection, corona, plasma jet, laser, IR, NIR, scanning, wobbling, stray light, spectrometer. Previous patent application DE19542289.
Patent references http://www.wikipatents.com/gb/2149092.html http://www.wikipatents.com/de/3332886.html http://www.wikipatents.com/de/2918283.html http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP0460369.html http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7224447.html http://v3.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=EP&NR=0460369&KC=&FT=E
Honorary China Yunnan Government http://bfe.yxrs.gov.cn/article.asp?id=2005092011030968 Tobacco China http://www.tobaccochina.com/news/data/20038/c815083548.htm http://tobaccoreportermagazine.com/china/2004/Dec04China/Industry%20Briefs%201204.htm
更多信息请联系 IPM- International Perforation Management 国际工程管理公司 high-tech engineering – China – Germany - Thailand Mr. Werner Grosse 威尔那.克罗瑟先生 传真 tel/fax: 0049-3212-5097465 网址:http://www.microperforation.com 网站 : http://www.microperforation.com.cn 网站 : http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm /
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No company can deny the significance of hot stamping hologram labels
in protecting the brands from the counterfeit practices. At the same
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$B&R&S&O(B $B&L(B?$B&M&T&L&A(B

No company can deny the significance of hot stamping hologram labels in protecting the brands from the counterfeit practices. At the same time it is also very important that the company specific security hologram labels or coin scratch labels or cut labels or other labels must safeguard brand's goodwill and consumers' interest. So, make sure that your brand must have the advance application security labels (tamper-evident labels) that cannot be copied at any point of time. Moreover, there are other certain criteria which Lasersec follows and suggest for your brand - Hologram hot stamping label, hot stamping hologram, Hologram Sticker, Hologram Labels, 3D Hologram Sticker, Laser Sticker, Hologram Security label, Holographic Labels, Holographic Packaging, Instant Holograms, Scratch Holograms, Hologram hot stamping foil label, Shrink Sleeves Labels, 2d & 3d holograms, Hot stamping foil, security labels, coin scratch labels, cut labels, Hot stamping Hologram label, and other holograms.
The skilled engineers and management team of Lasersec are completely aware about the reasons behind the fake labels applied on the brands. So, to stop and prevent the brands and consumers from the fake products we design the hologram labels with advanced security features. The applications are designed while understanding the prevailing market scenario and the brand reputation. Though these advanced security featured holograms are bit expensive than the regular hologram stickers. But we all know that quality has its own price.
Latest hologram labels technology: All the hologram stickers are designed with latest applications while considering the client's brand, nature of product, earlier security hologram labels loophole (if any), etc. We also consider the other essential features like specific logo or additional coat or ink. Our basic aim is to deliver the satisfactory label solution to all brands as we are established to protect people against pirated and dangerous products. Any reputed company can easily acknowledges the difference between our latest technologies designed coin scratch labels, cut labels and the traditional designed holographic labels.
Stringent regulatory standards labels: We follow the stringent regulatory standards for designing the security hologram labels, coin scratch labels, cut labels or other hologram labels. Our methodology for designing label is interactive enough that the brand and consumer can easily identify the label but the spurious people will not able to understand the smart label application. The entire procedure is very different and special that it does not provide any loopholes to the counterfeit activities.
Perfect technical inspection team: Above all one fact which enhances the hologram industry is the perfect technical inspection team at all sites. And we are proud that our skilled and proficient team delivers the satisfactory solution to various brands. Our engineers' dedicatedly works for each client in a more advance manner as we believe in excellence at each process. We are confident enough that our experience has surely helped the brands to overcome the current counterfeit problem.
Lasersec India is a manufacturer of security holograms of all types - Hologram hot stamping label, Hot stamping foil, Hologram hot stamping foil label, Hot stamping Hologram label, hot stamping hologram, Hologram Sticker, Hologram Labels, 3D Hologram Sticker, Laser Sticker, Hologram Security label, Holographic Labels, Holographic Packaging, Instant Holograms, Scratch Holograms, Shrink Sleeves Labels, and 2d & 3d holograms.
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