Ultra high speed beam divert technology

Technologically this is performed by means of Piezo oscillators, ultra fast mini scanner up to 6,000 Hz, galvanometer alternative, precise
laser beam deflection up to 4KW optical power, actuator with metal optics or asymmetrically, rotary reflection cones, which functions and operation sequences are precise synchronize with material speed. Envelope curves of the selected perforation pattern are storage and calculated by PLC control before single holes and holes groups supervised during production processes.
Product process advantages enable total different product indicators and milestones against other laser perforation or treatment processes it allows significant product property and trademark indications, patent claims, unique company features in micro perforation of tipping, cigarette packaging or other paper or material, e.g. wide range of laser perforation groups as common active ventilation zone to obtain several advances in air stream distributions into cigarette filter, perfect perforation line guiding around cigarette filters or other food, domestic, industry products assure constant porosity results, several pattern or wave line designs for different brands, number of holes or pattern per cm length are constant e.g. 10 or 20, porosity range from 100 up to 1,000 C.U., hole sizes from 50 up to 120 micron, hole densities from 100,000 up to 500,000 holes per Second in total, from 1 up 6 perforation pattern, lines, marks or scripts can combines one group, perforation hole, pattern quality or porosity remains in standard levels.
Other web material, substrate or products are treatable in similar processes, existent laser perforation, treatment machines are able to modified with new optical, mechanical and control elements, low investment and finance budget of technical modifications because exchanges of certain elements, complete devices are adaptable on existent offline laser perforation machines or other systems, capability to adapt beam divert devices or units at online perforation system at cigarette making machines up 12,000cpm.
Outstanding product applications For web or sheet material, metal, isolation, foil, plastic, substrate, film, leather, textile and paper enables now large number of possibilities for micro hole position, different pattern, design, wave, zigzag, cryptograms, scripts, marking, scribing, scratching, tear off lines or others which generates e.g. optimized air distribution characteristics in cigarette filters, unique anti counterfeit indications and 100 other product advantages. Special remark creates fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarettes or other tobacco, packaging, security products, flip off or hinge-lid packs.
Specific indication of brand names what is recognizable for everyone and even for product buyers, if micro designs, holes, patterns, holograms are to see with magnified views only. Or sensitive touch able as Braille scripts as micro cluster perforation cryptograms or holograms. MLL-1 targets many new applications with laser beam diverts in horizontal or vertical position. Uses of sophisticated divert elements allows easy, low budget modifications at existent systems and production machines.
MLL-1 micro laser processes means real alternative for high speed galvanometer scanner, cluster micro perforation technology, pattern design, waves, zigzag or packages lines, cryptograms, company logos, holograms, anti counterfeit contours, security paper, safety, bank note, cards, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, transparent films, plastic sheets, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrinkable film, tear tapes, label, cardboard, bar or matrix code, marking, scribing, jewelry, automotive, pharmacy, smoking, chemical or medical products, electronics part, chips, indicators, porosity, writing contours or profiles, embossing, bioengineering, focus, holographic. The patent and product properties are pending as DE102004012081
Outstanding Micro Cluster Production Technologies
MLL-1 anti piracy micro laser treatment, line perforation real alternative for galvanometer or scanner, ultra high speed drive, cluster micro technology for holes pattern, perforation design, waves, zigzag or packages lines, cryptograms, company logos, holograms, anti piracy, counterfeiting, security paper, safety, bank note, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, credit cards, transparent film, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrinkable film, tear tape, cardboard, matrix code, identification, RFID, tag, marking, scribing, jewelry, automotive, pharmacy, golf, marina, tobacco, smoking, chemical, medical, product, electronics part, indicator, porosity contours or profile, embossing, bioengineering, membrane, filtration, focus, holographic, hinge-lid, pack. Patent pending DE102004012081.
LPM-1 micro laser cluster perforator, material treatment at wide web, large area, surface or entire material cluster treatment, cutting, welding, drilling, ablation, cleaning, melding, high power, ultra high speed rotate quad or twin laser beam splitter, twin level vacuum multiplexer, 2/4 KW optical input, flexible hollow fibers, HGW, HCW, up to 200 output channels, Co2, diode. Material treatment and robotic handling for stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, wafer, gold, glass, silver, brass, copper, wafer, silicon, titanium, silicon, solar, panel, photovoltaic, micromachining, slitting, rewinding, refining machines or stand along systems. Micro cluster perforation for all kind of paper or specific plastic web material. Patent grant DE102004001327.
Nano Micro perforation or other material surface treatment, electrostatic cluster perforation, micro perforator, porator, for cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug wrap, Kraft, cement sack, bag, fine and other paper, silicon or other coating, certain plastic film, laminate, porosity from 80 up to 2,500 C.U., from 50 down to 4 Gurley, hole sizes from 50 nm up to 100 microns, hole densities from 80-260 h/cm2, zone widths from 2.0-6.0mm, up to 16,000,000 holes per Second, web speeds up to 500 m/min, web widths up to 2,000mm. Patent grant DE10328937.
Twin AC/AC, AC/DC frequency shift converter high power, high frequency, high voltage, ultra short mega peak current, electrostatic nano or micro cluster perforation, ignition, sparking, arc, cigarette, tipping, filter, fine, packaging, paper, plug-wrap, sack, bag, Kraft, food, plastic film, foil, textile, fabrics or other product, switching converter, compressor, emergency, train, ship or vessel power supply, generator, fuel cell, upward, downward, frequency shift switching unit, stabilizer, soft starter, vector, phase, inverter, servo system, motion, stepping, spindle, CNC, machine, asynchronous, standard, motor, torque, automation, remote, gas, slab, laser, diode, stack, fiber, beam, material, hybrid, plug-in, car, battery, lithium, Ion, renewable, energy, wind, solar, panel, technology, recycling, medical equipment, membrane filtration, robotic, photovoltaic, industrial automation, drives, IGBT, MOSFET, FRETFET, HVFET, tube, rf, hv. Patent grant DE10328937.
Online OPSS-1 porosity vision scanning control system permeability cluster control for electrostatic or laser micro perforation machines, multiple color sensor head, spectral intensity, DSP, FPGA, CCD, line, precise, laser, position, material finger print detection, VIS wave length, opacity, defects, inspection, image control, scanner systems, process software, line, camera, vision control, filter, tipping, cigarette, book, packaging, magazine, bible, wall, Kraft, paper, carton, coffee, tea, food, co-extrusion foil, film, agriculture, cement, domestic or other moving fabrics or web material. Patent pending DE10251610, China patent grant 200310104764.
In-suit dynes or surface tension control ODSTM-1 at fast moving substrate, plastic, film, foil, tear tape, laminate, co-extrusion, BOPP, LLDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, PVC, MOV, MOH, FEP, PET, OPP, PTFE, MPET, spectral, extinction, monolithic, sensor, analyzing, Subangstrom, roughness, measurement, wavelength, wobbling, stray, light, beaming, water drop, angle, inspection, corona, plasma jet, laser, IR, NIR, scanning, monolithic spectrometer, photonics, spectral, properties, reflectometer, scatterometry, ellipsometry, opto, acoustic, basic, weight, techniques, corona, flam, gas treatment. Previous patent application DE19543289.
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Technology down load http://www.microperforation.com/mll-1-laser-perforation.html http://www.microperforation.com/lpm-1.html http://www.microperforation.com/opss-1-optical-online-porosity.html http://www.microperforation.com/igbt-esp-unit.html http://www.microperforation.com/ipm-spanish.html http://www.microperforation.com/online-perforation-cigarette.html http://www.microperforation.com.cn/ipm-technology.html http://www.microperforation.com.cn/ipm-spanish.html http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm/Reports-china.html http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm/englishengineerreport.html http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm/optical-dyne-control.html
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