high-power CO2 laser beam multiplexer for industry, military and industry applications

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High-power laser multiplexer for many industry applications as well for wide web micro perforation machines LPM-1 with tipping, packaging paper, non-woven, spun-bonded, textile, plastic films or other material substrates
Patent grand : DE 10.2004.001.327.6
Introduction A German-Thai-Chinese high-tech engineering company offers completely new possibilities with high power CO2 laser multiplexers for wide web applications as well for micro perforation with JUMBO-ROLLS with up to 200 individual laser perforations rows, automatic laser perforation head positioning, focus setting, web speeds up to 400 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm and more. Several types of material web, e.g. paper, packaging, coated sheets, films, foils, metal sheets and other types of substrates can be micro perforate or treated. We are seeking for R&D, science or industrial partners in licence agreement, technical cooperation, new product or applications in USA and EU.
Working principle of high-power laser multiplexer Through 2/4 KW dual laser beam sources, two or four level high-power laser multiplexers designed for certain wave lengths from 500 nm up to 10.6 m, new two level rotary cubic elements, or two quadruple beam splitters or polygons bent facets, using of new developed CO2 hollow waveguide fibres realizable up to 200 optical single channels with assembled focus heads direct on the production web material. Without very extravagant, expensive of optical elements, alignments, lenses, divert mirrors, extended mechanical designs, etc. Pulses sequences up to 4,000,000 per second, single shoots between 0.5 up 3.0 mJ, time windows from 1 s up to 100 s and e.g. holes sizes from 1 m up to 100 m or microns are possible.
Description for wide web micro laser perforation Wide web laser perforation processes, equipment and machines permits e.g. tipping or packaging paper web width up to 2000 mm and more, up to 200 single laser rows across the web by holes sequences up to 4,000,000 per second. Depends of material consistence, perforability, holes sizes and densities web speeds up to 400 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm, 25,000 meter roll-by-roll, automatic perforation head positioning and focus control, up to 20 bobbins in one cut which means up to 160 bobbins are now archive able without machine downtime. In addition the key element and integrated OPSS-1 porosity/position scanning system complete the feed-back and robot control system. The optical online multi sensor porosity/position control system OPSS-1 is located just behind the laser perforation section and rewind stand to control the perforated material web continuously and supply the data stream to the master PC and close loop.
Highly automated and motor adjustable focusing optics one each perforation heads are free position able across the material webs. That automatic procedure and their robot devices open now fully new ways in wide web laser perforations or other material treatments in high speeds ranges, large number of optical single channels and high pulses or holes sequences.
In addition with the optical online control systems OPSS-1 porosity, hole qualities and all hole row positions are continuously controlled and differences immediately compensate over master PC controlled feedbacks to the perforation system. Production rolls and products are finished without intermediate stops in high qualities and large quantities.
Other applications The new high-power laser beam multiplexer open many other application fields, e.g. cutting, cut-offs, welding, surface finishing, drilling, polishing, forming, surface treatment, roughness improvement, etc. Each of the 200 single perforation head can be positioned across the running web or static positioned material substrate. This automatic processes, equipments and devises open up completely new possibilities in industry, science or military or space laser applications.
patent downloads: http://www.microperforation.com / englishengineerreport.html main link: http://www.microperforation.com/ipm-technology.html
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