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Mail-Order SE. 2007-10-10
Heavy Industry Applications for Prospects
Giuen Holding Ltd. - Southway Wheelers
Kungsbacka, Sweden. Int. 0046 (0) 705474830
Commercial Aircraft - Business Jet Airliners
A unit Boeing 707 pre-owned for accessible offer.
Construction Equipment & Heavy Machinery 2008
Volvo Construction Equipment is part of the Volvo Group, one of the
world's leading producers of trucks, buses, construction equipment,
marine and industrial engines, and aerospace components. The Volvo
Group has more than 75,000 employees in 30 countries with annual sales
of approximately 22 billion dollars in 2003. Volvo Construction
Equipment manufactures and markets equipment for the construction and
related industries, including wheel loaders, excavators, articulated
haulers, motor graders, blackhoes, skid steers, compact excavators and
compact wheel loaders. In a declaration for offering procurement
opportunities for process deliveries to plogue equipped G930 D7 motor
Heavy Industries Martime
Specialized types of merchant ship for all sort of goods. Larger of
all the giant super-tankers. Those can measure up to 400 metres in
length and carry half a million tonnes of oil. Yet they need a crew of
only 30 men - fewer than a sailing merchant ship carrying a few
hundred tonnes. Like the most modern ships, they are packed with
electronic equipment which checks the running of the engines and the
conditions at the cargo, and even keeps the ship on course. Such super-
tankers are powered by vast stream turbine engines, but most other
ships have diesel engines similar to those used in buses and trains.
However, tankers are a kind of "bulk ship" - they carry just one cargo
in bulk. Others include are carries, ships transporting grain, sugar,
wine, and gas; and container ships. Containers are large standard-
sized boxes, and may be loaded with almost anything. Their great
advantage is that they make loading and unloading a ship very easy.
General cargo ship take weeks to load and unload. A container ship
tankers just a day and a half.
Bulk Carrier
Tankers - Clean, Dirty, Chemical
RoRo and Car Carrier
Container Carrier
General Cargo Vessels
Crew boat
Giuen Systems
Cruise Vessels and Ferries
When necessary to contract assistance to the arrangement..
Mr Roger K. Olsson
Analyst in Managing
Resources, Science, and Industry Division
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2007-05-22 Giuen Holding Ltd.; Cargo & Logistics
Industry capacity utilization / trade distribution account index:
VR 924-04.
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