Mobile and autonomous robots in industry

Dear folks,
when we hear about mobile and autonomous robots, we always get
information about their use in leisure with entertainment robots such
as Aibo and so forth, then we also get a lot of information about
projects by the military and space worlds.
But, what about the in industry ?
A long time ago, visiting Northern Telecom factories in Montreal, I
could see several AGVs running arround the factory to deliver mail or
goods to different workstations. More recently, I visited one truck
assembly one and I saw the same type of AGVs running around the
factory floor. However, I never saw any mobile and autonomous robots
in all factories that I have visited. I know that aircraft
manufacturers are not using any and that some car plants, like the VW
ones, are using some heavy AGVs to transport the cars around the
Is there any industry applying mobile and autonomous robots ?
Is there any records where we can obtain an account of these
applications ?
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