Autonomous robot's navigation

Since October 2007 I developed new object recognition algorithm
"Associative Video Memory" (AVM).
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Algorithm AVM uses a principle of multilevel decomposition of recognition
matrices, it is steady against noise of the camera and well scaled,
simply and quickly for training.
And now I want to introduce my experiment with robot navigation based on
visual landmark beacons: "Follow me" and "Walking by gates".
Follow Me
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Walking from p2 to p1 and back
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I embodied both algorithms to Navigator plugin for using within RoboRealm
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So, you can try now to review my experiments with using AVM Navigator.
The Navigator module has two base algorithms:
-= Follow me =-
The navigation algorithm do attempts to align position of a tower and the
of robot on the center of the first recognized object in the list of
and if the object is far will come nearer and if it is too close it will
rolled away back.
-= Walking by gates =-
The gate data contains weights for the seven routes that indicate
importance of this gateway for each route. At the bottom of the screen was
added indicator "horizon" which shows direction for adjust the robot's
motion for further movement on the route. Field of gates is painted blue
if the gates do not participate in this route (weight rate 0), and warmer
colors (ending in yellow) show a gradation of "importance" of the gate in
the current route.
* The procedure of training on route
For training of the route you have to indicate actual route (button
"Walking by way")
in "Nova gate" mode and then you must drive the robot manually by route
(the gates will be installed automatically). In the end of the route you
must click on the button "Set checkpoint" and then robot will turn several
times on one spot and mark his current location as a checkpoint.
So, if robot will walk by gates and suddenly will have seen some object
that can be recognized then robot will navigate by the "follow me"
If robot can't recognize anything (gate/object) then robot will be
turning around on the spot
for searching (it may twitch from time to time in a random way).
For more information see also thread: "Autonomous robot's navigation" at
Trossen Robotics.
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Now AVM Navigator v0.7 is released and you can download it from RoboRealm
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In new version is added two modes: "Marker mode" and "Navigate by map".
Marker mode
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Marker mode provides a forming of navigation map that will be made
automatically by space marking. You just should manually lead the robot
along some path and repeat it several times for good map detailing.
Navigation by map
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In this mode you should point the target position at the navigation map
and further the robot plans the path (maze solving) from current location
to the target position (big green circle) and then robot begins
automatically walking to the target position.
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For external control of "Navigate by map" mode is added new module
NV_LOCATION_X - current location X coordinate;
NV_LOCATION_Y - current location Y coordinate;
NV_LOCATION_ANGLE - horizontal angle of robot in current location (in
Target position at the navigation map
NV_IN_TRG_POS_X - target position X coordinate;
NV_IN_TRG_POS_Y - target position Y coordinate;
NV_IN_SUBMIT_POS - submitting of target position (value should be set 0 ->
1 for action).
Quake 3 Odometry Test
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Navigation by map
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Visual Landmark Navigation
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Just wanted to say thanks for the post. I still haven't found time to dig through it, but this looks interesting and is in my bookmarks.
- Daniel
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D Herring
EDV had written this in response to
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: I prepared emulator program (based on Quake 3 mod) for acquaintance with "Marker mode" and "Navigation by map" modes.
See "AVM Quake 3 mod" manual for more details:
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You can download it from:
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Also next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.2 is released:
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- The "Navigation map" was placed into main Navigator dialog window (also was added map scrolling and resizing abilities).
- Visual odometry algorithm was improved.
And now you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.2 from RoboRealm website.
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It's test of new algorithm for AVM Navigator v0.7.3. In this video was demo= nstrated how robot just try to go back on checkpoint from different positio= ns of the learned route.
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First in video the robot has received command: "go to the checkpoint" and w= hen robot arrived to the checkpoint then I brought robot back (several time= s) in different position of learned route. When robot noticed the changes t= hen it indicated that robot was displaced because any commands were not giv= en by robot to his motors however changes were seen in the input image.
Then robot started looking around and localized his current position. Furth= er the robot just calculated path from current position to the checkpoint a= nd went there (and so forth).
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