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Hello; does anyone know of any software or SDK which can easily be implemented onto a homebuilt mobile robot base? I would like to implement visual mapping and navigation as well as programmed reactions to sensor input into a 3-wheeled base I plan to construct. The sensors include sonar, infrared, a webcam, wheel encoders and photoresistors. I am looking at the saphira/aria combination, as well as the evolution robotics ERSP SDK and even the probotics "map 'n' zap" base for their cye line. I would like the robot to be capable of aforementioned cartography and navigation by the maps it constructs based on sensor input, object recognition using the webcam, and human interaction by voice recognition and text-to-speech behaviours. I'd like to use WinXP or Redhat 9 as an OS. The "brain" hardware will include desktop PC motherboard and accessories, specs will depend on the requirements of the software. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will

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