Kinect Robot Navigation Contest at IROS 2014 - Entry Deadline June 15th

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IROS 2014, Microsoft, and Adept MobileRobots are proud to announce the 2014
Kinect Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Contest, to be held in the Exhib
it Hall at IROS on September 18, 2014.
This contest will show off the state of the art of autonomous navigation in
realistic and dynamic unstructured environments. In this contest, the envi
ronment will be populated with realistic items that are known to challenge
typical navigation sensors and systems, such as narrow chair and table legs
and uneven surfaces. It will also feature moving people and furniture. The
re may be other surprises as well. Successful navigation will require state
of the art mapping and autonomous navigation using a real robot and sensor
The Qualification Phase will start at 12:01 AM US Pacific Time on April 1,
2014 and end at 11:59 PM US Pacific Time on June 15, 2014. Entries must be
received within this phase to be eligible for potential advancement to Rou
nd 2. See the official rules for more information on how to enter.
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The Event Participation Phase will take place on-site at IROS on September
18, 2014.
Winners will be chosen based on time and accuracy of navigation to specific
points within the contest environment, and prizes include a $5,000 grand p
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