Vex IQ vs MindStorm ev3 suggestion for 8 year old (played Lego wedo for 1 year)


I have been looking to buy Robotics kit for my 8 year old son.

He has been playing with Lego wedo for last one year and like the functionality (making robots functionality) part of it. He has been using Scratch to program his lego wedo and enjoyed programming more than building (mechanical portion) cool things. He has bery logical mind and have been enjoying making robotics game run from Scratch.

Its time to upgrade him to next level as now he has been familier with basic programming stuffs and sensors. Lego wedo's sensors are somewhat limited and i am looking to buy something which is little advance for him.

I have been confused (again not having robotics background myself) between lego mindstorm ev3 and vex iq. Following are some of my criterias

  1. It should be sturdy enough to last couple of years (my son can easily break delicate items)
  2. Can grow on it as he advances. be able to buy more sensors / others to advance robots capabilities
  3. Should be fun for 8 year old to learn and make something in moderate amount of time
  4. Have good graphical programming environment (similar to scratch ) for kids to put togather something quick and test.
  5. Robots should be able to run without connecting to computer
  6. Good community support and documentation for kids to read and learn online/paper based (because our school doesn't seem to have any robotics for 2nd grader)

I would greatly appreciate your help if you guys can let me know your suggestions as I would like to buy something in a week or two.

Thank you


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