For sale NXT parts, Lego robotics, electric, train, sensors, cables (will consider all reasonable offers)

I have organized all kinds of technology camps for kids over the years and it is time to say goodbye to it - and clean up my garage, while making some money for my
retirement party.
Willing to let all LEGO Technic/Mindstorms go at a price that should be a reasonable deal for both buyer and seller.
To make life easy for all, please read the details at bottom about payments, shipping, etc. I will give priority to those who read and follow them closely and to those who buy the most parts.
Here is what's left at this time - they are going fast:
NXT Computer x 4 (Can be controlled from a cell phone with bluetooth) NXT Ultrasonic Distance Sensor x 3 NXT Sound Sensor x 4 NXT Touch Sensor x 3 NXT Light Sensor x 2 NXT Cables/Wires (for sensors/motors/etc) Misc Lenghts x 26 NXT Motors with built-in encoder x 9 Bluetooth USB adapter for PC and Macs - for remote control of NXT computer x 5
All below are Pre-NXT (Robotics Invention Systems 1, 1.5, 2) or Technic/Pneumatic/Electric/Train parts
RCX computer 1.0 x 2 RCX computer 1.0 with DC port for battery free life (:-) x 1 RCX computer 2.0 x 1 Lego Movie Studio/Vision Command Camera Rotation Angle Sensor x 5 Light Sensor x 8 Temperature Sensor x 2 Touch Sensors x 34 9V Motor with built-in gears (powerful) x 10 9V Motor (speedy) x 6 9V Clear Cube Motor x 2 4.5V older type motor with cable x 3 RIS Long Electric Cables approx 55" long x 30 --------------------------------------------------- RED 9V MICRO MINI MOTOR (smaller than a penny!) sells them at $36.85 each!

Note - you can use them without mountings if sided by other Lego blocks/parts Rare parts - no longer made by Lego ----------------------------------------------------
Train Engine 9V x 2 ---------------------------------------------------- Non-Lego Ultra Efficient SOLAR CELLS fitted with Lego electric cable. Will power up a Lego 9V motor even from a low power 20W incandescent lamp! These solar cells are the highest quality you can buy - sell for up to $10 each. Non-breakable - epoxy covered! Kids used them to power up the red micro motors and the big motors with built-in gears. Have 41 of them. ----------------------------------------------------
Although wish I had it, I really have no time to answer questions about how these parts are supposed to work / be used. Please use google and "how" queries.
When sending a buy offer, PLEASE mention item price per each that you consider fair quantity for each item sub-total for each item grand total Your full shipping address How do you plan to pay (see below)
Will accept PayPal payments from CONFIRMED ADDRESSES only (US or Intl) or credit/debit cards (through my online business site). I have over 1,000 PayPal feedback since 2001 - you are safe (:-) International Postal Money Orders are also OK (in US dollar)
Will ship U.S. and wherever US Postal Services have Global Priority service. To check, visit and check rates from US to your country for 1 lb/1kg package. If one of the choices is Global Priority, you are good to go.
Shipping depends on country/weight/size.
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