Lego mindstorm robotics set 2.0

Is this too hard for a 15 year old lad brought up on Duplo/lego/technical lego and computers? Not sure of it will be worthwhile as a good investment or too complex in coding etc. He has built websites with Frontpage 2000 but isn't into coding - yet? I'm not too sure of what the kit does but have looked at the www pages about it

any thoughts appreciated folks.

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Ivor Problem
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A 15 year old with technic lego experience should do just fine with Mindstorms. The graphical programming environment provided by Lego is easy to get started with, and is actually suitable for a slightly younger crowd as well.

An interested/bright 11 year old can generally work with Mindstorms on their own, with occasional adult help. By 13 years old, they can probably work completely on their own and even start to learn some non-graphical programming. For example, I have seen good results with

13 year olds learning NQC (although it helps if they previously had some experience with the regular Lego programming). By 15 years old, any of the programming environments are fair game (pbForth, legOS, etc).

In fact, 15 years old is probably a bit older than Lego's original target market for Mindstorms. The big question might be if the 15 year old thinks Lego is too "childish" and won't be interested in it at all.

Regardless of age, the mechanical construction of the robots tends to be a big stumbling block, which is why a 15 year old that has built a lot of Lego Technic models is probably going to pick up Mindstorms a lot quicker than a 30 year old professional programmer who never played with Technic.

The internet and books can provide a lot of help when starting with Mindstorms.

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is always a good resource.


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Dave Baum

Thanks for that Dave. He always enjoys Lego esp. the Technics where he can follow the instructions and then modify for own effects.


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