Programming for the NXT

I recently bought the Lego NXT. While I was impressed with the ease of use
of the graphical software that comes with it, I found it too difficult to
write complex software. So I quickly worked my way through a series of
options. First I tried RobotC
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, which
while very nice, didn't seem to have any support for arrays and structures.
Next I looked at Not Quite C
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, which
looked pretty much like what I wanted but only worked with the RCX not NXT.
Next I tried LeJOS
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, which
looked like a nice Java interface, but this again appeared to only support
the RCX not NXT. Then I looked at NeXT Byte Code
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, which seemed very flexible but
primitive (e.g. all global variables, no built-in stack). Finally, I read
on that a new book is coming out for NXT that includes Java
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but it is not out yet.
Have I exhausted all the options that are available today? If not, and
someone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Also,
are there options being developed others know of (e.g. NQC for NXT)? All I
really want is language like C or Java with support for building complex
data types and tasks/threads.
Thanks in advance.
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Frank Jones
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Le Sun, 23 Jul 2006 19:33:57 +0000, Frank Jones a écrit:
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,> but it is not out yet.
If you have enough documentation , writing or porting a Forth ( like retroforth) for NXT should be possible.
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Christophe Prevotaux
"Christophe Prevotaux" wrote in message news:4560e674$0$3159$
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,>> but it is not out yet.
Did you try Microsoft? -- they have released a 'LITE' version of their programming development studios (C#, VB, Java, ...) and also have their Game studio, coding for fun and their robotics studio -- all for free. Their robotics studio aparently includes a complete NXT programming library. I do not own the NXT so i have not downloaded it to try it out.
try this link here:
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-- Tsueg.
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