Help with Setting up environment to program Lego Mindstorms NXT

Hi all,

A few months ago I was happy as kid on Christmas! I finally bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT. I had big dreams of building a robot that could fetch me a beer from the fridge. After messing around with the Lego software for a couple minutes, I reached the conclusion that it was unusable for any serious programming.

So I started looking around for ways to program the NXT in Python, C+

+, and Java (in that order). I tried getting NXTPython to run on both windows xp sp2 and ubuntu, found and installed (?) setuptools, but couldn't get pyUSB or pyBluez to work. nxtOSEK seemed like the next promising thing, but after installing cygwin make is having problems finding files that are there. Tonights project was LeJOS, java for lego mindstorms. But unfortunately, the Lego USB driver doesn't support the 64 bit version of windows.

Next up is repeating everything on windows virtual pc (tip: the download is hidden away in a tiny in the middle of the page referring you to the ms download center, it is NOT the big green button that says "Download"), but if somebody has experience with this and could help me out, I'd appreciate it and invite you over for a beer should you ever make it to Seattle.

Thanks, Joshua

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Joshua Moore
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Hi Joshua, i have successfully managed to install LeJOS on Ubuntu

8.04 following the information found in the LEGO MAXIMUM NXT BOOK from Brian Bagnall from Variant Press, they have a new edition out there with revised instruction for all 3 platforms MAC LINUX WIN , Finally you may also be interested in NXC (Not eXacly C) there is also a boot out there again from Variant Press. Here is a list of all NXT related books from all publishers
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that helps Enjoy the beer
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