LEGO Backpedals on Mindstorms

LEGO posted a press release stating that there has been some confusion regarding Mindstorms, and the company will be keeping the line. There is no real detail in the statement, including whether there will be any new development. I'm not sure how well Mindstorms will do if they don't keep coming out with improvements in the accessories, providing some upgradability, and updating theiir scripting language, but we'll see.

I see LEGO doesn't even have a press release announcing the redirection of the company, which they should have done last weekend, so they have only themselves to blame for the miscommunication.

I'm hoping that LEGO not only continues to sell Mindstorms, but upgrade it as well. I think they could offer an expansion baseplate, say for $50, that would thrill the hardcore users no end.

-- Gordon Author: Constructing Robot Bases, Robot Builder's Sourcebook, Robot Builder's Bonanza

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Gordon McComb
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Knowing Legos an I/O expansion baseplate or something would probably cost $99.50. But that would still be OK though, at least they would have something.

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Earl Bollinger

Hmmm ...what do you understand by "expansion baseplate" ? Such a thingy could be between $15 and $200 (:-)


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Applied Tech

--There hasn't been any "old" development since the initial release. Why should we be surprised if there aren't any "new" developments in the works? Pity that. Great idea, but they dropped the ball early on. Glad I went with Parallax from the get-go.

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