Using Windows CE to control Mindstorms RCX

I've seen software to control a Lego Mindstorm RCX for PalmOS ("PBrick"),
but I am in dire need of such software for Windows CE. Does anyone know of
anything? Due to the limitations of the PDA, the IR Tower cannot be used, so
the only choice is using the onboard IrDA port, and I can find no
information about doing so on the internet.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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The Dude
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YES, would be nice. I´d like to do the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Christian Kohrt
Have a look at:
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Paul Jurczak
thank you for your answer! But that´s not what I meant. I´d like to use the IR beam of the IPAQ like the LEGO IR tower! So you could upload programs and so on...
Isn´t it possible?
Thanks in advance.
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Christian Kohrt

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