Mindstorms + PDA IR Control

I am curious if anyone has a link that shows how to control an RCX from the
IR Port of a Windows CE-based PDA? I've been searching around, but so far I
haven't found any implementation specifically aimed at Windows CE.
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The Dude
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Thomas Novotny
Hmm ... thanks for the link, though I'm not certain if it totally helps. I have a Toshiba E750 PDA that I want to place on top of a MindStorms robot, IR Transmitter facing the RCX's IR Receiver. The site you linked to states "Using the built-in IR port is not possible" but offers no explanation as to why and whether the disclaimer applies to all PDAs.
Would you happen to know offhand if that page actually does use IR transceivers on PDAs to control the RCX, or if it is simply limited to connecting via wires to the IR Tower?
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The Dude

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