Introducing community website

Introducing community website

On behalf of all of the people involved in its creation, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to, which can be found at the following address:

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What is It is a community-based website dedicated to discussing, sharing, and learning about all things LEGO Castle related! There are many sections to the site, so no matter what your interests are there should be something for you!

Areas include:

- Lego Castle set guide and reviews

- MOC showcases

- How-To guides for building, storytelling, and more!

- Epic and Short Story showcases

- Classic Castle City display standard

- Castle Gaming

- Castle related links

- Integrated forums for discussing all things Castle/LEGO related

- HTML based chat room

Who is YOU are! is intended to be a community resource developed and maintained by the LEGO Castle community. You are strongly encouraged to submit news, articles and other information to expand the content of the site.

If you wish to contribute, please contact the appropriate person from the "Contact" page, or post a message in the Administrative forum. Use this as an excuse to get motivated and finish that MOC or story that you have been working on!

Classic-Castle Admin Team

Kevin Blocksidge Troy Cefaratti Ben Ellermann Andrew Engstrom Lenny Hoffman Ben Medinets Alex Polimeni Anthony Sava

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