European Heritage Forum

From October 7th until October 10th the Flemish town Kortrijk
(Courtrai) will host
the European Heritage Forum CONSERVARE 2005.
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The aim of CONSERVARE 2005 is to promote contacts and cooperation
between heritage organizations, institutions and individuals throughout
Europe, and to stimulate bordercrossing activities of all those
involved in heritage prservation and restoration.
The emphasis of the European Heritage Forum CONSERVARE 2005 will be on
meeting people, exchanging experiences and information, establishing
contacts and discussing future forms of bordercrossing co-operation.
One expects museum curators and archivists, architects and interior
designers, public authorities and members of consultative bodies,
heritage interpreters and educators, consultants, as well as
conservators-restorers, owners of historic buildings and collections,
associations and organisations campaigning to save heritage sites,
tourist boards, training and research institutes, publishers and many
One hopes that a lot of private associations and volunteers that are
campaigning for one or another form of heritage will show up and take
part in the meeting, to express their viewpoints and present their
activities and aims.
CONSERVARE 2005 will be a dynamic event, built up around five showcases
(trade fair and exhibitions, workshops and conferences, a book fair, an
audio-visual forum, and a whole series of sideline attractions and site
The industrial heritage will be very well represented during this forum
- not only in the exhibition part of it (where some IA, train and at
some stationary engines groups present themselves) but also during the
public seminars (e.g. there is one seminar on the conservation of large
mining heritage). On Sunday October 9th a series of industrial sites
will open doors to participants and visitors of Conservare 2005 (there
will be some STEAM ENGINES open to the public).
At present it is still possible to register for the Open Forum. One is
requested to send as soon as possible to the organisers the topic
(title) one would like to present to the audience, together with a
short summary.
For those who are wondering where the Forum takes place:
Kortrijk is extremely well situated in a traditional contact area
between European cultures and languages. From this historic tradition
and with the recent enlargement of the European Union in mind, it's
obvious that Conservare 2005 wants to set out to become a European
meeting-place for all those who are involved in the preservation of our
Kortrijk is really at the crossroads of countries as The Netherlands,
France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Luxemburg. It is a stone's
throw from Bruges (50km), Ghent (45km), Antwerp (100km), Brussels (100
km), and Lille (France, where the Eurostar stops), the European Capital
of Culture 2004 (at 30 km). The distance to Paris, London, Amsterdam or
Cologne is only between 200 and 300 km.
The most recent information is regularly posted on the website
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- which is updated at least twice a week
with new details
The transactions of Conservare 2005 will be published next year. They
will include the texts of the presentations, reports of the debates and
presentations of all the exhibitors.
A second edition of the European Heritage Forum Conservare is scheduled
for 2007
To receive further information and updates on the heritage forum one
can register online for the electronic newsletter (on the website
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, go to 'newsletter'). This will not only
hold details and progress reports on the various aspects of Conservare
2005, but also on heritage initiatives and projects in the European
countries. If you do have information that you would like to be
included in one of our future e-newsletters we will be glad to receive
short texts (25/30 lines) in one of the major European languages. Don't
forget to indicate who one should contact to get additional information
(e-mail, phone or fax)
May we also bring to your attention the internet heritage calendar
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we are developing at present. This website
holds information about heritage conferences, meetings, trainings that
also may be of interest to you or to your colleagues
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