2015... the European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year. ... An idea once launched by volunteers and voluntary associations now bec omes reality !


In every European country the "European Industrial and Technical Heritage Y ear" is developing faster and broader than we - and many others - did or ev en ever could expect. Everywhere initiatives are launched bottom-up by volunteers and association s. Activities and events are scheduled by grassroots organizations. Many thanks to all those who now are now devoting themselves to turn the "E uropean Industrial and Technical Heritage Year" into a success !

  • 2015 will be the momentum for and a real celebration of the European indu strial heritage in every country.
  • 2015 will show and prove the value and the importance and often uniquenes s of this heritage to the general public, politicians and authorities, its power to create identities and the opportunities it holds for the future.
  • 2015 will be a tribute to all those voluntary associations who are at the spearhead of initiatives and developments. Without their devotion and effo rts a large part of the heritage would have gone, forever. And without them we would even today loose large parts of our industrial and technical heri tage.
  • 2015, the European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year therefore will be and should be an hommage to the non-paid and unselfish dedication of so many, within organizations or individually.
  • 2015 should be a first but important step, a start to continue and build further on for the years to come !

The official kick-off meeting of 2015 European Industrial and Technical Her itage Year will take place on Friday March 6th at the Committee of the Regions of the European Union Belliardstraat / Rue Belliard 99 in Brussels ---> You are cordially invited to this meeting. Participation is free, bu t one has to register in advance and before March 3rd on the website of the European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year: http://industrialheritage

2015.eu/Brussels20150306 And
  • If your organisation or institution is organising or planning a special e vent to take part in the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Ye ar, add the logo of the Year to your webpage and announcements. Inform the secretariat as soon as possible of your initiative: send us a notice in you r mother tongue together with (if possible) a short translation in English, French or German. This allows us to include the event in the general calen dar of the year.
  • One of the main aims of the 2015 European Industrial and Technical Herita ge Year is to promote contacts and co-operation of associations and volunte ers across borders, throug for example twinning and setting up joint cross- border projects - so look to what others are doing in other countries and j oin efforts. .
  • A number of Europe-wide projects will be launched and announced during th e kick-off meeting in Brussels on March 6th: on factory chimneys, mills, en dangered industrial heritage, a youth programme,...
  • And, last but not least, the general theme of then European Heritage Days will be the industrial and technical heritage - a heritage which, in Septe mber, in the majority of the 46 countries participating in the EHDs will be placed prominently in the spotlights and presented to a large public.

------------------------------------------------- The news on the 2015 Industrial and Technical Heritage Year 2015 can be fou nd at

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E-FAITH the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritag e secretariat @ e-faith.org

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