Industrial Heritage 2008 in Barcelona

One of the aims of this meetings is to discuss possibilities to set up European bordercrossing programmes. Greetings Adriaan



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Industrial Heritage 2008 Second European contact weekend for industrial heritage volunteers and associations Barcelona - Terrassa, 24-25-26.10.2008

E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage is a platform promoting contacts and co-operation between non profit volunteer associations, the place where those can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other and support each other=92s activities an campaigns.

After the succesfull meetings in Beringen (2006) and Kortrijk (2007), each attended by representatives from a dozen countries, E-FAITH is now going to organize a third European contact weekend for volunteers and non profit organisations that are engaged in the research, the preservation, the interpretation and/or the presentation of the industrial and technical heritage.

It will again be an open and stimulating meeting where organisations and individuals can present and compare their ideas, projects and results - and find out where cooperation or common projects can grow, how they can support the aims of colleagues and how colleagues can support their objectives. This will be possible by lectures and oral presentations, leaflets, information stands, posters and small exhibits. Each participant is allowed to use the presentation techniques that to him/her seems to be the most appropriate. The main themes of the meeting will be:

- European bordercrossing cooperation between industrial and technical heritage associations

- twinning between associations

- exchanging experiences from the field

- discussing the possibilities of launching joint European projects

This third contact weekend is organised on October 24th-26th 2008 in Barcelona and Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain)

This meetings themselves will take place at the Museu Nacional de la Ci=E8ncia i la T=E8cnica de Catalunya - the national science and technology museum of Catalonia. This museum is located in Terrassa near Barcelona, a city with good links by train to the Catalonian capital. The Museum is housed in an exceptional building. It is an old textile steam-mill in Catalan modernist style, the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover, built in 1909. This is surely the most beautiful textile mill in Europe, now on the Unesco World Heritage List .

There will be visits to museums and sites in Barcelona on Friday 24th and Sunday 26th of October. Delegates will have a wide choice of exchanging information, connecting links and becoming friends across the European borders.

Additional information on the Third European Industrial and Technical Heritage Weekend is available and will be regularly updated

- on the website of E-FAITH,

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- or can be requested by e-mail at

- by fax +32 56 25 51 73

E-FAITH the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage

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